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    Thunderbolts #2 Review


    I really want to like this series, honestly. The idea behind this series is awesome, and there should be compelling drama seeing these characters try to work together. Instead, we get a bland, generic comic that achieved absolutely nothing.

    Normally, I go into great detail about the writing and the art of a particular issue I review. However, with this issue, I won't, because both the art and the writing are bad. Really bad. As in, why didn't how bad Issue #1 was teach me not to buy this comic. This has to be the worst versions of Deadpool, Venom and Elektra I've ever read, and nothing compelling hampens in this issue at all. Dillon's art and his inability to draw dynamic (or good) faces make this book even worse.

    This series made me waste six dollars. If you're on the fence about this series, don't buy it, it's bad. I haven't checked out all of the Marvel NOW! titles, but this is easily the worst one I've read yet.

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