Thunderbolts #170

    Thunderbolts » Thunderbolts #170 - Days of Yore released by Marvel on April 1, 2012.

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    The Thunderbolts vs. King Arthur's Court, winner take all! Fixer discovers a terrible secret! The Lead-up to the Thunderbolts Event of the year continues here!

    Still imprisoned in Camelot’s dungeon, the Thunderbolts discover that Ghost had been shadowing the team. He has the dungeon key with him and the team escapes to Merlin’s observatory, where Fixer sees King Arthur and Gawain trying to enter Thunderbolts Tower by preparing to use Excalibur to cut through a false door in the Tower, which could potentially compromise Man-Thing’s swamp habitat and thereby ruin the Thunderbolts’ chances of returning home. They leave to stop King Arthur and his knights. Before they leave Merlin’s observatory, Santana sees an image of Fixer in distress in a crystal ball. When the Black Knight confronts Boomerang about stealing his ebony sword (see last issue), Boomerang reveals that he opened the dungeon, releasing all the beasts and creatures held within. The creatures begin attacking the knights, thereby giving the Thunderbolts time.

    The Thunderbolts head back to Thunderbolts Tower and encounter Merlin, who doesn’t want to battle, but merely wants them to head back to their own time. Merlin explains that the Knights of Camelot have defeated all the foes in their domain and are now restless and obsessed with their quest for the Holy Grail. Merlin anticipates that the knights will leave to seek the grail, leaving Camelot undefended and vulnerable to attack from Arthur’s son, Mordred. Merlin had been saving the creatures in the dungeon as a defense for that day, but the Thunderbolts (Boomerang, specifically) has now ruined those plans.

    Merlin suggests to the team that they need a tether to their world in order to get back to their time. Satana realizes that Moonstone’s moonstone is what they need. The team tries again to jump, and they appear to be in modern times and are quickly confronted by – the first-generation Thunderbolts team!


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