Thunderbolts #169

    Thunderbolts » Thunderbolts #169 - Medieval Crimes released by Marvel on April 1, 2012.

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    Still on the lamb through time the Thunderbolts go medieval on King Arthur and his court! The Ghost gets ready to make his move as the chase through the past continues! Kev Walker returns!

    The Thunderbolts, still unable to move Thunderbolts Tower back to the present time, now find themselves transported further back in time from Victorian England to mid-6 Century England – the time of King Arthur. Ghost is still secretly observing the team after traveling through a Norse portal in issue #167.

    While out hunting, Troll mistakenly attacks the Black Knight, who engages her in battle. Boomerang comes to Troll’s assistance, knocks out the Black Knight and steals his ebony sword before putting him on his horse and sending him away. In response, King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and Merlin approach Thunderbolts Tower and confront the Thunderbolts.

    Fixer respectfully requests permission to stay in King Arthur’s land while they try to figure out a way home. Merlin detects the presence of the Black Knight’s ebony sword and demands it back. Boomerang refuses to give it back and a battle ensues. Satana casts a sleep spell, but Merlin causes the spell to fall back upon the Thunderbolts. The Thunderbolts awaken bound in the dungeon of Camelot, which is also occupied by legions of captured beasts and mystic creatures that are (according to one of the beasts) kept captive there in order to provide Merlin with rare ingredients for his spells.


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