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So, as it turns out, the vast majority of the stuff happening in Fear Itself's secondary titles is directly because of The Juggernaut becoming Worthy. While the whole team is out in the desert blasting zombies, Juggy gets himself a hammer, and basically tears The Raft a new one in a big way, setting free most(if not all) of the prisoners held there, which of course means bad things for the rest of the Marvel universe. We see Man-Bull(currently of Herc status), Aftershock and co.(currently in the Homefront mini), and a range of others escaping and wreaking general havoc while the team scrambles to get back and get everything under control. This is a pretty great issue, and may actually go a long way towards explaining a gripe I had with Hyde's recent migration to minor villain status in the new Moon Knight book, but that's a story for another issue. Overall, the art was a little on the rough side for me, I wasn't really a big fan of it. That said, this works great not just as a tie-in to Fear Itself, but as a great standalone issue in it's own right. It's not the right place to jump on, that was a couple issues back, but it's still a damn good book.

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    The Thunderbolts B Team faces a bunch of zombies, and a hammer hits the Raft, which is picked up by Juggernaut, making him more unstoppable than ever before.The GoodAlthough I don't read Thunderbolts on a regular basis, I really enjoyed this as a tie-in. So far, Fear Itself has done pretty well with their tie-ins and it's cool to see how Juggernaut got a hold of the hammer and what was going through his mind moments before grabbing it. Aside from that, as much as it confused me because I'm not a...

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    It's hammer time at the raft. Meanwhile, the T-Bolts are neck deep in zombies and the staff at the raft are neck deep something far more unpleasant.   The Good Jeff Walker's back to doing all the art and thank God for it. Parker and Walker are a match made in heaven, and no other artist that's filled in can recreate Walker's chemistry with Parker's scripts. Parker does a great job this issue and is give lots and lots of action to draw. I really, really love his design for Worthy Juggs.     This ...

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