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Like it happened in issue # 151 (it was a story about the character Ghost), this issue is more dedicated to the Man-Thing, telling a little about his past and how he´s important as nexus of all realities - I think it´s awesome that Parker intercalates some arc stories with cool and backgrounding stories about the Thunderbolts´members, but unfortunally this wasn´t well executed as Ghost´s story - perhaps because to explain Man-Thing´s importance, the writer decided to create a story about aliens and other dimensions, that are indeed connected to his role, but didn´t felt good or as it belonged in this ongoing series - though the dialogues were at a certain point interesting and good, it felt just going around circles, like a boring read, even with Parker´s atempts of keeping this story about the team, like giving them a routine inspection and creating the Thunderbolts board that now are calling the shots - it´s not that wasn´t cool seeing Man-Thing in action, but since he lacks interaction (he can´t speak), the special guest of this book kind of played a ridiculous part, I didn´t like her at all - Shalvey´s art was very good, he pencils an incredible Man-Thing and Luke Cage, but I din´t like his Songbird at all. Overall, this was an interesting issue for showing Man-Thing as the main character but it´s not essencial in your collection, doesn´t add anything to the plot of the Thunderbolts.
3.5 out 5

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