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Okay, that's cool

This was one of the most anticipated books/stories for me in a great while as it brought together my favorite team (Thunderbolts) and my favorite character (Hyperion). I definitely wish the Thunderbolts would have used Hyperion for a greater length of time as I think he is one of those characters that is far deeper and impressive than many know.

The story and action was more than entertaining and the fight between Hype and Juggernaut was impressive with juggernaut definitely showing just how tough he is. I just wish they didn't end it so quickly with Hyperion getting dropped with a zap (especially when he is hands down one of the most powerful characters Marvel has created). I do see it though as a showing of just how hardcore this team is and just how powerful they can be when combining powers. The team has proven to be a fun combination of characters who surprisingly fit together quite well.

This book, as usual showcases whats cool about the Thunderbolts with giant monsters as a bonus. A definite must read for fans of the series and proof to anyone still on the edge about choosing this book as a regular read.

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