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The Skrull armada rains destruction on our nation's capitol! The only thing standing in their way? The Thunderbolts. But if salvation depends on a group of criminals and madmen who can barely keep from killing each other, is Earth doomed? Or are they exactly what we need against the merciless alien invaders? A major turning point for the Thunderbolts begins here!


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Thunderbolts in their Element 0

Is it just me or are the Thunderbolts happiest when they get to kill people?  And is this series a better read when they get to do just that? Things that I liked: Osborne's talk with Captain Marvel (though, it was better visually in Secret Invasion) Osborne's orders to kill each other if they acted out of character Venom and Bullseye being able to cut loose Venom dropping into the crowd of people The fact that the Thunderbolts were the only team that could be trusted because they were the ones t...

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Still getting used to the transition 0

Have we been spoiled by Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato?  I think so.  It's not really fair to the new creative team but unfortunately, that's how it is.  At least with the first few issues they do.  On top of that, they have to deal with a Secret Invasion tie-in that was most likely thrusted upon them.  I did think it was weird that the Skrull Captain Marvel attacked Thunderbolt Mountain.  Maybe I missed it but I thought he was pretty much free of the Skrulls' programming.  And then he seems quic...

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