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Well What do you Know? Major Improvements.

for the Past Few Months Daniel way has been Butchering one of my utmost favorite Characters into pieces. If you haven't Heard, these characters in question are leader and Rulk. Leader went from an awesome interesting Villain to a Pathetic whelp, while rulk became an emotional idiot who tells people they are stupid unless they agree with him. While it's too late to save the leader( it's possible but the chances are slim), the series can still Improve. when i heard that Charles Soule was becoming the writer, i didn't really know who he was and what his work included, people did say that he was a consistent writer. again i see reviews of 4/5's but i find myself in disagreement with some users at times

Before i get to the story, i want to say a thing or to about the art. First Of all, I despise dillons art, thats not to say that the art is bad or anything, but it's more of a preference. i was happy to see that the art had slight improvements as i think that it suits the punishers design, which is the best thing about the art. other than that most of the art is hard to go thought, the figures are consistent, but the story telling is mediocre in my opinion, and the action sequences are just plain bad. It feels as two rusty robots trying to hit each other, again this might be because i dislike dillions art, so if you enjoyed it good for you. Dillon works best with Humans IMO, so not having Rulk and Venom here is a good thing, because he just can't seem to draw bulky big dudes.

As for the story, it focuses mostly on Frank and the aftermath of what is happened previously. I was given hope because as someone who dislikes frank castle, this is the first time i've enjoyed reading about him. i won't take points away because i dislike the character as that would be unfair. The self narrative is amazing and frank feels like himself, and THANK you Soule for finely putting an end to the elektra/punisher relationship, seriously, they HAD NO chemistry, and i doubt elektra would like somebody for killing criminals, ugh. However, as someone who didn't understand the character of elektra well, i heard some thoughts from someone who does, and after getting a second opinion on this, i had to change the score, because it made so much sense.

please Present a warm welcome to Lykopis:

The thing is, Elektra has suffered a lot --- A LOT in terms of her family and she's killed people she's considered family (by being tricked) and while I can wrap my head around her letting her brother live -- the only way she would do so would be by guaranteeing he couldn't hurt people anymore. She would never let him live otherwise. And here's the thing -- she knows people -- very, very well and she would have NEVER given any hint to Frank that she let her brother live if she wanted to protect him. Honestly. Elektra can be very cold when it comes to getting things done. Cold to be successful but not in killing. She does kill for the right reasons (although it can be hard to defend some deaths because soldiers have died in the pursuit of getting the bad guys) but if she wants to keep someone alive -- she would make sure they stay alive. The Elektra I know would have followed Frank, honestly, she would have so to have it appear as though she didn't know where he went or what he did doesn't make any sense.

She would have stepped in to stop him. That she didn't either means she WANTED him to kill her brother or, the story SUCKS. Frank is so far beneath her in terms of skill and being a mercenary (he's just a killer, I know) so to make is appear as though he got one up on her is galling to me.

There is also the fact that punishers experience indicates that he should have been able to counter the punch from orestez, he basically saw it coming, but this could be a story telling issue, but it really bothered me. also, how does a head bump someones neck? it just seems silly to me.

Now here is the Thing, i want this to be a good series, and considering the Material that had been handed to Charles soule , i'd understand why there were mistakes, way didn't leave the book in good shape, so i will Give him a chance for a fresh start, and hope everything works out. It's possible that Charles simply did this because fans were complaining about the punisher/elektra relationship( for which i don't blame the fans, it sucks), so i'll give him a chance.

Recommendation: Punisher fans ONLY.

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