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With his life spiraling downwards, can superhuman psychiatrist Doc Samson pull Penance away from the brink? And who on the Thunderbolts could hate the gamma-irradiated doctor more than the man he’s trying to help?

Things go ka-blooey when Thunderbolt Mountain goes in lockdown mode.


Norman freaks out when he finds a Green Goblin mask in his desk drawer. His assistant rushes into his office to find him sitting on the floor. When she looks in the drawer, it's empty. She asks if she should get the doctors to get him a stronger prescription. He agrees. When she leaves, he looks in the drawer again. To his agony, the mask is there again. Slamming it shut, the drawer appears to be shaking as if the mask were trying to get out.

Meanwhile, Mac Gargan is in the locker room and takes off the Venom costume. As he heads to the shower, Venom manifests itself from his chest. It basically tells him it is tired of Mac being such a wuss. It says it is time that it took control of things. It is hungry and needs to eat. If he doesn't allow it to, it will eat him from the inside.

Throughout the city, anti-Thunderbolt posters have popped up. In the air hanger, a couple guards talk. Swordsman had asked one how much they got paid and felt sad at how little it was. The guard wonders what he meant and then the jet explodes.

At another part of the base, Songbird and Radioactive Man rush to the scene. They are able to put out the fire but there are a lot of injured guards. Norman is sitting in the bathroom wearing his mask when his assistant informs him of the explosion. Doc Samson and Robbie are stuck in the tv room while the base is locked down. Samson suggests they watch some rugby. As they watch, he continues to ask Robbie questions about why he did his reality show and his wanting to be a hero in the spotlight. Moonstone finds Norman in his office. Norman wants to know where all the Thunderbolts are. Swordsman and Venom aren't answering their comms. As some guards rush the hallways, they come across Venom. They ask him to lend a hand. He says hand will do...or an arm...Venom brutally feasts on the two guards.

In the Swordsman's quarters, a guard comes in and tells him that the surrounding corridors are clear. He tells the guard to call him Baron as he shaves his head. He has paid several guards to be loyal to him. His goal is to go to Osborn and get his sister back one way or another.



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Finally Getting to the Point 0

I am a huge fan of the Thunderbolts, especially the newest team. This issue seems to be the breaking point of what has been building for many months. I saw this issue as the psychological breakdown of most of the Thunderbolts by the imprisoned psychics in the cells below. Each one is going back to their worst nightmare, with Norman returning to the Green Goblin, Gargan returning to his Venom brutality, and Swordsman following in his father's footsteps. This explosion of mistrust and betrayal rea...

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Speeding up 0

I enjoy that THUNDERBOLTS is really picking up now. I am utterly intrigued at it. I'm still kind of sad that Doc Samson has lost the pony tail but its good to see some one other then Moonstone and Osborn helping Robbie. I love Marko Djurdjevic's cover art for this issue. Really drew me to it. Mike Deodato's art continues to amaze me and the few comedic points of Warren Ellis's writing are quite entertaining (RUGBY ON CABLE! OMG!)As are the dramatic points of Venom talking to Mac Gargan and the S...

0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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