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Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato bring their first explosive story arc to a close! Where will Moonstone’s scheming lead her? Can Norman hold onto control of the team…and of his mind? The crap's about to hit the fan. Will all of the Thunderbolts make it out alive? Stay tuned…

The Thunderbolts (Songbird, Radioactive Man, Penance, and Venom) are trying to apprehend the Steel Spider who has been joined by American Eagle and Shadowoman. As Shadowoman uses her shadow powers, Songbird secretly communicates with Radioactive Man, asking for a diversion so she can locate Bullseye with Sonar. She says the time has come and she doesn't want her team turned into monsters. Radioactive Man fires a radioactive burst that hits Venom, Penance, and Steel Spider. He claims he overestimated the burst. Steel Spider is a little dizzy and Venom takes this as his opportunity to get nearer.

Bullseye stands on top of a building watching the fight with two armed guards. He hears a message from Songbird directed so that only he can hear. She tells him that his nanochain has been turned off so he can run. Bullseye grabs both of his sais and jabs them into the foreheads of the two soldiers. Even though he's free, he wants to kill American Eagle first "just because..."

Steel Spider is holding his own pretty well against Venom and Radioactive Man. American Eagle and Shadowoman watch and he tells her she should leave so she doesn't miss her interview. Songbird arrives and tells both of them to relax, they'll "fix this." As Steel Spider is standing over Radioactive Man while blasting him with electricity, Venom grabs his arm from behind. He says they are not allowed to kill him but can do everything up to killing him. Venom rips off Steel Spider's arm and eats it. Shocked, Shadowoman grabs Songbird with her shadow powers and slams her into the pavement. She tells American Eagle to leave too. Radioactive Man tries to cauterize Steel Spider's wound and calls for medical. He also calls for Penance who is busy slamming his bare head into the side of a building saying he's not good enough.

In an alley, American Eagle gets ready to get on his motorcycle when Bullseye throws a blade at his back. Without looking, American Eagle easily grabs it. He taunts Bullseye saying that he's read about him and that he only takes on targets he can easily beat, just like a schoolyard bully. He tells him he'll give him a free shot. Bullseye rushes him with his sais out. At the last moment, American Eagle delivers a knee to Bullseye's groinal area and slaps him twice across the face.

Swordsman manages to get to a window and can see that Bullseye has killed his handlers. He reports this to Moonstone and she calls to have Bullseye's nanochain. Bullseye appears to be taking the punches from American Eagle. He grabs a blade from his boot and approaches him again just as the nanochain goes off. Screaming in pain, American Eagle delivers a boot to the head and a right uppercut as Bullseye falls to the ground.

In an office building, the organization offering to interview Shadowoman believe she isn't going to show. She smashes through the window saying she'll take the job if they can get her out of the country immediately.

Hours later at Thunderbolts Mountain, Norman Osborn is being briefed on Bullseye's condition. He is lucky to be alive. His neck has been snapped and he is paralyzed. His paralysis could be repaired but he has also suffered brain damage which he may not come back from. The doctor says Bullseye is basically trapped in a dead body as Bullseye can only stare straight ahead.


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Since Warren Ellis has taken over Thunderbolts, every issue has been a must read. This issue picks up with the Thunderbolts taking on a trio of unregistered superhumans out in Arizona. This intense battle pits Sepulchre, American Eagle, and the Steel Spider against, Thunderbolt members Radioactive Man, Venom, Penance, Songbird, and Bullseye. At this point it seems like the teams is splitting at the seams and it'll take some work to get them back on track. Throughout the story you start to ask yo...

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