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The Thunderbolts get a new mission as a confluence of events moves towards collision. Plus, a look into the life of rogue super hero Ollie Osnick, the Steel Spider!

Oliver Osnick, the Steel Spider, returns home after a night out fighting crime. His place is a mess. His body is in pain. His life has been falling apart. Because of his respect for Spider-Man and Captain America, he's placed being the Steel Spider above all else.

At the Thunderbolts Mountain, Norman Osborn tries to talk to Penance. Robbie just sits in his room without any luxuries. Osborn suggests a chair or something. Robbie refuses. Osborn is concerned that he is going to kill himself if he doesn't snap out of his slump. Robbie doesn't care.

Outside, Osborn tells his secretary to order another psyche evaluation on Baldwin. He has blackmail material on the doctor and wants him to say that Baldwin is too crazy to be of use. Then he runs into Andreas Strucker, who demands to know where his new blade is. Osborn yells and puts him in his place. He reminds him that they are working on cloning his sister. He says that accelerated cloning is tricky business. If Strucker doesn't give him respect, he will "flush" her down the toilet.

Stucker is upset and tells Moonstone what just happened. He also mentions how Osborn's mood changes from day to day. Moonstone mentions that he is on a lot of medication and it seems she has been able to manipulate what he's being given. She is trying to rock the boat and is looking to become the new director of the Thunderbolts. She asks Strucker if he will side with her and that Songbird needs to be killed "in the field" so that the position isn't given to her.

At the Navajo reservation, Jason, the former American Eagle is visited by a friend. Seems the Steel Spider is causing trouble for his friends and he wants Jason to talk to him. Jason says just because he was a hero doesn't mean they all know each other. He thinks it over after it's pointed out that lives could be saved if a big conflict was avoided.

At the apartment of Jillian Woods, the former Shadowoman, she recieves a call about a job. They want her to use her powers to act as security in the private sector. She is told that after a tour of four months, she would have the option of moving on and they'd arrange her registration card so she could return to the United States. It doesn't seem as if she has much choice.

Back at Thunderbolt Mountain, Osborn is briefing the team on the Steel Spider (except for Bullseye as he recieves his separately). During the briefing, Osborn keeps slipping and saying "Spider-Man" instead of Steel Spider. When it's pointed out, he becomes more aggitated.


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Norman Osborn steals the show. 0

Norman Osborn is completely %$#&ing crazy and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Again I have to say that a lot of writers don't do Norman Osborn justice, but Warren Ellis is amazingly good at writing crazy. I can honestly say that I haven't enjoyed Osborn this much in years. He hasn't even made a single appearance in the series as the Green Goblin yet, and quite frankly I don't care. The Goblin could never show up, and it wouldn't hurt this series one bit.Because of Norman's obsession with Sp...

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