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After a disastrous capture mission, the Thunderbolts have troubled down-time, dealing with the split between the public projection of them as heroes and the reality of their incarceration. Meanwhile, Norman Osborn is studying a list of potential new targets, and the stress seems to be getting to him. Featuring a variant cover by Young Guns Reloaded artist Pasqual Ferry!

After barely capturing Jack Flag, the Thunderbolts must debrief with Norman Osborn. He is not pleased that Jack Flag of all people gave them a hard time. Moonstone disagrees. She thinks it's good that it looked "bad" on camera. They want the public to think those they're going after are dangerous. Also if others think that they won't have to worry since someone like Jack Flag could put up such a fight, their guard might be down. Songbird disagrees with Moonstone. She says things went so badly because they are not a team. They got in each others way.

Radiative Man asks to speak with Norman. He feels uneased by the fact that guards do not need to escort him. He doesn't think it's a good idea that his teammates see that. Norman replies that the Chinese government doesn't want him to appear as a prisoner. He also states that he does not like his new costume. Norman gives him the reasons for it and tells him to just wait until they can get a focus group to agree on a change. He also says that Songbird should be leading the team because she understands them. Norman asks if he trusts her. Radiactive Man finally responds that she is a troubled woman and her heart "leads her into troubled ground." Norman says heart has no place in the Thunderbolts.

Osborn picks another target for their next mission and then checks in on Venom and Bullseye. A couple of potential future targets are seen as we get a small glimpse into their lives.

Some crooks prepare to rob a bank as the Steel Spider stops them. He tells them to tell the police that "The Steel Spider's still out here!" In Osborn's office, he gets a call regarding the Steel Spider. He begins to say the name over and over, "the Steel Spider, man. Steel Spider, man," until he begins saying "Spider-Man" and laughing hysterically.


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Faith in Monsters: Part 3 0

This is the 3rd issue under Warren Ellis and so far I like this new direction for the Thunderbolts team (if you can call them that). It doesn't seem that long ago that we had Ellis working on Ultimate Fantastic Four, and I must say that I'm enjoying this book a lot more then his run on UFF.Probably the character I'm enjoying the most in the book is Norman Osborn. I love Ellis' characterization of him. Some writers make Norman seem like a total out of control lunatic, and others portray him like ...

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