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The new Thunderbolts embark on a manhunt for Captain America’s old sidekick, Jack Flag. Can Jack survive against the raw power of Venom and the cunning of Moonstone? And what has he done to deserve being hunted down? Plus, discover how Songbird ended up a low-ranking member on the team she used to run.

Flashback to Norman Osborn's interview with Songbird. She was under the impression that she would still be leading the team. Osborn informs her that he doesn't trust her and didn't want her on the team but the fact that the returning members trust her and that she's "toyetic" allowed him to change his mind.

In Cleveland, Ohio, Jack Flag is ready to make his stand against the Thunderbolts. Moonstone, Songbird, Radioactive Man, Penance, Venom, and Swordsman make their way towards him across a parking lot. Moonstone's plan is to take him out hard while making it appear to the public that he was responsible for attacking them aggressively due to the fact that the media is present.

Jack Flag begins to get the upper hand. He shatters Swordsman's sword and uses a piece to stab Venom. Enraged, Venom is about to "eat" him when Moonstone has no choice but to order the nanochain to send him an electric shock. He then manages to take down Songbird using a manhole cover similarly to how Captain America uses his shield. Penance hits him with a blast that almost takes him out.

Having fled the scene under cover of the smoke and destruction, Jack hides in an abandoned building only to get stabbed in his spinal column by Bullseye, who was secretly teleported there along side two guards.

The Thunderbolts appear to have won in front of the public after Jack Flag "collapsed" after all the force he took on.

Osborn isn't too pleased with the way things went down. His secretary comes in with names of other super heroes they may decide to go after. When she mentions the Scarlet Spider, Osborn begins to sweat and was certain she said "Spider-Man." He then retires to his desk to take some medication.


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Time for an old hero to shine! 0

It's just like the title says: It's time for an old hero to shine!   I personally love it when this sort of thing happens. It's a hero you normally never hear anything about, Jack Flag. To be fair, how many of you heard about him before this issue and afterwards Guardians of the Galaxy (which he is now appearing in)? I can honestly say I had never heard about him and to be honest, i'm sad i hadn't because i think he's a great character.   You see him facing off against incredible odds, does he ...

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