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Around a millennia the Eternals Druig, Valkin, Virako, and Ajak, were in Peru, and believing the thunder god Thor may unwittingly unleash a powerful psychic Deviant they headed to his location to find that Thor had not. However the greedy and power hungry Druig would have plans to unleash the imprisoned Dromedan to utilize his great power for himself. Liberating the ancient Deviant Druig's underestimation of Dromedan's power cost him as Dromedan immediately asserts his power taking over Druig's mind. Dromedan would then unleash Thunder and Tutinax to act as minions. Thunder wielded a hammer and sling and would engage Thor in combat. During their physical encounter Thor would crush Thunder's hammer before defeating him. Thor and the Eternals would go on to defeat Dromedan.  


Thunder is a Marvel comics character and first appears in Thor Annual #7     

Powers and Abilities

Thunder possesses superhuman levels of strength and durability. Thunder wields a hammer in battle as well as a sling that launches fireballs.  

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