Character » Thumbelina appears in 44 issues.

    Character from the classic fairy tale by H. C. Andersen.

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    She moved to Smalltown during the 18th century and was the only woman there for a while, causing many fights over who would win her hand. This left Thumbelina very upset and frustrated by the many fights. The Liliputian men of small town went to King Cole and Snow White with a proposition, to shrink some of the women down to their side or shrink new comers. However, the demand was considered outrageous and almost impossible, since they didn't have enough magic for such a task. Curious of the problem, Bigby himself went to the witch that had the barleycorn that gave birth to Thumbelina. While she did anounce to him that it did exist, she had left it back in the Homelands.

    John Barleycorn (aka Johnny Bullhorn) one of the residents of Smalltown, decided to venture back to the Homelands with Commander Arrow's help While it appeared he failed his journey, they even made a small memorial for him. He eventually, with Mr. Grandours and Mustard Pot Pete's help, retrieved the magic barleycorns that Thumbelina was born from, bringing women to Smalltown. Thumbelina is not seen much after that, but she is mentioned to have an on/off again relationship with Tom Thumb.


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