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The Mutant Liberation Front
The Mutant Liberation Front

The odd shaped mutant known as Thumbelina first made her appearance with the now defunct team known as the Mutant Liberation Front (MLF). She was apart of the group since its inception, even taking part during their very first mission. Though very loyal to her teammates, she was often a source of humor to them. As she was regularly made fun of and pick on due to her size particularly by Wildside and Strobe. She did have one person she was close with. The often insane appearing Dragoness was the only member who never made fun of her. In fact, they even considered each other best friends. Evident from her distraught nature when Dragoness was knocked out in battle. Not even her brother, Slab, could console her.

 Diminutive, And Extremely Beneficial
 Diminutive, And Extremely Beneficial

As part of the MLF she rarely took part in active missions unless extreme need was there. Her size and slow movement was usually looked at as a hindrance. Though in missions of espionage she was perfect. Her ability to shrink down to a 1/4 of an inch aloud her to get places and access things most other could not. She was always able to save her team and their missions in a crunch. On their very first mission a bomb they were to place and detonate had its line severed. Using her powers she reduced in size and was able to repair it. Thus allowing her team to end their first mission successfully. One of her missions even had her sent to break out members of the Nasty Boys from jail. One of them was Slab, who was actually her blood brother. When the MLF were finally apprehended and jailed, she would not be broken free when the team was restructured. She remained there and finished her time.

She would later aid X-Force in a battle along with a short lived revamp of the MLF. She teamed up to destroy the menace known as Skronn. After that she would disappear without any knowing where she was off to.

Thumbelina's current whereabouts are unknown. It has been revealed though that she did retain her mutant powers and gene after the events of M-Day


Thumbelina was created by Louise Simonson and Rob Liefeld in 1990 and first appeared in New Mutants # 86.

Powers & Abilities

 Thumbelina's Mutant Ability
 Thumbelina's Mutant Ability


  • Thumbelina has the mutant ability to compress her molecules shrinking herself down to a quarter of an inch. Even though she shrink she still maintain her normal strength. She has also shown that she apparently had enhanced strength, but it was never measured for its levels.


Alternate Realities

Earth #21993

WHAT IF: Cable had destroyed the X-Men & Magneto took over the USA?

Thumbelina appeared in one reality where Cable had destroyed the X-Men. This event threw the reality of that into disarray. She initially was a member of the MLF doing battle against the Fantastic Four for not aiding mutants. She would later join Magneto after the MLF fell to pieces once Stryfe died. Rather it was her choice, if not Magneto was intending on killing any who opposed him. In Magneto's final battle he and his followers were killed in an explosion. It was not fully explained for revealed if Thumbelina was one of those who died, but its presumed that she did.


Thumbelina was created by Rob Liefield and Fabian Nicieza.

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