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    The pupil of G.I. Joe commando Snake Eyes, he is supposedly the last ninja of the Arashikage Clan. Following the death of his mentor, Snake Eyes, Throwdown decides to become the new Snake Eyes

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    Marvel Comics series

    Snake Eyes's ninja apprentice began life as Sean Broca. His biological father was Fred Broca, the original Crimson Guard, while his adopted father was Wade Collins (a Crimson Guard for Cobra as well, also known as Fred ll), and a friend and army buddy of Snake Eyes, Stalker, and Storm Shadow during Vietnam. In the final issue of the series, Sean writes a letter to Snake Eyes, at Wade's suggestion, to get his opinion on becoming a soldier, as Sean wants to enlist in the Army when he turns 17. Snake Eyes's response to him moved Sean, and he promised Wade he'd think about what Snake Eyes said. He eventually decided to enlist anyway, in the hopes of becoming the man he now considered his father.

    Master & Apprentice

    Sean starts out in a task force called "Hammer Team", a covert ops unit whose objective is going after Cobra saboteur Firefly, which leads to Sean's first encounter with Snake-Eyes and his apprentice Ophelia. In this mission, Sean is injured by a decoy explosion. They did not catch Firefly and Ophelia was killed.

    Some seasons later, into winter, Snake-Eyes is seen at a log cabin hacking wood. Sean arrives thinking he might need a friend right now and explains that Snake-Eyes is actually his godfather. In short he seeks Snake-Eyes help in dealing with his rage.

    Sean begins the elite ninja training with Snake-Eyes to become his new apprentice. He learns of the story of the Golden age of the ninja, known in Japanese as the Kamakura. Jinx, a former Joe ninja turned bounty hunter, calls Sean from Tokyo

    Slashed in the back by Storm Shadow!
    Slashed in the back by Storm Shadow!

    to inform him how she found Firefly. Snake-Eyes does not entirely approve of this invitation but agrees to go anyway with Sean. When they arrive, they discover Firefly is recruiting someone for a mission. They arrive at the building across from Firefly's meeting point, where Snake-Eyes goes flying in, boldly crashing through the window beside Firefly after seeing who he was about to recruit: Storm Shadow. Sean follows behind his master, where Storm Shadow (the possible recruit) slashes Sean across the back and has a few words with Snake-Eyes. Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow start fighting throughout the whole building. Their fight adventually takes them up to the rooftop, while now Firefly is about ready to shoot Sean, whom was left without aid. Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow manage to crash Firefly's escape helicopter and it smashes into the side of the building, throwing everyone off. Eventually Firefly, during his escape, hits Storm Shadow with a dart and Firefly retreats with him as prisoner.


    Duke and Chuckles rescue the team, and reveal that Storm Shadow was actually working for them as a mole. Sean calls his father just to check up, unaware that his dad is working for the people who hired Firefly in the first place.

    Storm Shadow breaks free and Kamakura gets his ninja uniform at the same time. Snake-Eyes and company find Storm Shadow and Firefly's current location, and when they move in, Sean finds his father there as he is fighting Derenko, the man in charge on Firefly's side. Sean, during the fight mistakenly stabs his father. Sean is over his fathers dying body as Firefly escapes for the third time.

    Sean later offically becomes a member of the Arashikage Clan and takes the name Kamakura, where he is dubbed the last Arashikage Clan brother.

    Devil's Due Productions series

    More to come....


    Sean Collins
    Sean Collins

    Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

    Eye Color: Brown

    Scars: He has the Arashikage Clan marking on his right forearm.

    Birth place: Roseville, California.

    SN: Classified

    Rank: E-5

    Primary MOS: Infantry

    Secondary MOS: Intelligence

    Other Media

    Valor vs Venom animated film (2004)

    He appears as a central character in the film, where he is voiced by Kevin Ohtsji.

    G.I. Joe: Sigma Six (2006)

    He appears as a key member of the team, where he is voiced by Marc Thompson.

    Toy History

    Kamakura's first figure came out in 2003 as part of the Spy Troops series of G.I. Joe, where he was released in a two-pack with a Cobra Night Creeper (a high-tech ninja). His next figure would be released in the Valor vs. Venom line in 2004, in a two-pack with Destro. This figure, unlike the rest of the figures in the series save for Duke, Storm Shadow, and Gung-Ho, featured an action-attack gimmick where if his legs were squeezed, his right arm rises and removes (via a magnet in the hand) his sword from its sheath. That same year, he got a figure similar in design to his previous version, but with regular articulation and o-ring construction, and was released in a two-pack with Storm Shadow. It was also released in a single card assortment two times, one in 2004 and one in 2008. The entire figure would be repainted and released in 2005 with a green version of the Ninja Lightning motorcycle. That same year, he would get a figure in the 8-inch series G.I. Joe: Sigma Six. He would get another variation the following year, where he came with a glider. He also had figurines in the Sigma Six Mission Scale sub-series. His most recent figure was for the 2009 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie, where he was released in the fourth wave.


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