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    Throttle is the leader of the Biker Mice from Mars.

    Appearence: Gold-tan fur; Black-framed, green-lensed sunglasses; silver stud and silver hoop earrings in left ear. The hoop earring has a spiked ball dangling from it; red bandanda around the neck; black, sleeveless leather vest; left wrist has a studded, black leather wristband; right wrist has a red bandanna; right hand has a brown, leather, fingerless glove. On the back of the glove are three, long tubes called Nuk-Knuks; blue biker pants; 2 belts: brown belt with round, silver buckle & green tool belt; holster with blaster; metal knee protectors; black biker boots.


    Cybernetic eyes: Martian Mouse red, but bionic. Given to him by Dr. Karbunkle after losing his eyes in the Martian-Plutarkian War ("Once Upon a Time on Mars", Season 3 episode.). They are far from perfect, occationally malfunctioning, causing Throttle to see only in white. This is corrected by the shades he wears and/or his bike helmet

    Field specs: These green-lensed glasses allow Throttle to see, counteracting the malfunction of his cybernetic eyes. These once belonged to Stoker, Throttle's mentor.

    Bike Helmet: The bike helmet has computerized readouts, from tempeture readings, to infrared images, and everything in between. Throttle's has also been reconfigured to polorize the visor, allowing him to see clearly, just as his Field specs allow him to do. Like all Martian bike helmets, Throttle's has a built-in radio, with which he can communicate with the other Biker Mice.

    Nuk-Knuks: These three cylenders are located on the back of the leather glove on Throttle's right hand. When activated, the Nuk-Knuks glow green, and add to his overall strength when punching --he once gave a tap to a tank, and the tank fell apart. The energy has also been used to lift Throttle out of tough spots.

    Martian Motorcyle: Martian bikes have an AI --Artifical Intelligence-- that gives them the personality of faithful steeds. Each bike has an onboard computer, compareble to an Earth laptop but far more advanced. Throttle's bike is a classic Harley-Davidson softail, black and chrome, with a brown seat. While not offically named, he has called the bike, "Lady" (i.e. "Let's show these losers how a real lady walks!") and "Lady" has been adopted by fans as the bike's unoffical name.

    Martian Blaster: This is a standard, Martian handgun, which fires normal blaster beams.

    It should be noted that Throttle's Telepathy power comes from his antennae --sometimes called, "Touch-Telepathy"-- and has only thus far been used to show his own memories to individuals. (i.e. Charley, in "Rock 'n' Ride")


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