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"You'll Own this Cesspool of a City"

The second installment in Thrillkiller picks up right where the last left off, with Batgirl and Robin facing a corrupt (more so than usual) Gotham City PD, and the enigmatic Bianca Steeplechase. Bruce Wayne's role increases in this twisted tale of dirty cops in a dirtier city. The grit is laid down in abundance and 60's Gotham is so vividly realized by the one two punch that is Brereton and Chaykin. In this issue we get a few more "familiar" Gothamites re-imagined as only Thrillkiller can. The most intriguing thing about this mini series is that more than other Elseworlds stories, this manages to feel simultaneously alien and familiar in a way that I can't begin to describe. The series is more gumshoe than "mod", so when I and others refer to the 60's as the setting don't expect flower power or anything else glaringly cliched about the decade. This more gumshoe action/mystery than anything else. If that sounds like something you dig, than get your hands on this series.

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    In book two of Thrillkiller, Chaykin panders to the Dick Grayson fans.  This issue fleshes out the romance of this Elseworld Batgirl and Robin, with a weird triangle that ties in Bruce Wayne.  In this universe Grayson is not an orphan before becoming Robin, he falls into the role of Robin because of love, where I felt that their was almost an Oedipus desire for Barbara, which is an angle of their romance I don't know if it has been explored.What makes a good crime story strong is a few things, o...

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