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"-- You Don't Know Who Or What You're Dealing With!"

I do enjoy Elseworlds stories when written well and Howard Chaykin can write a good noir story.  In his reimage of Gotham, Bruce Wayne is not rich and had to sell his mansion, but is the G.C.P.D.'s best cop.  The Thrillkiller Dynamic Duo is Barbara Gordon as Batgirl and grown up Dick Grayson as Robin.  To keep with the noir time, this book is set in the 60's where the Beatles never became a band, JFK is not dead and Elvis is not in the army.

This comic is illustrated in paint and really give life to the story. There are however a few times when the faces looked a little off, but most of the times the art keeps your attention.  The play between light and dark is great in this stories visual storytelling, not always a dark shadowy world, but at times Gotham is like New York City as the city that never sleeps. 

Just by reading issue #1 I am pretty sure you'll be hooked if you like pulp/noir stories.  As for traditional Batman fans, if your are open-mined to Elseworlds, then this story can be a great read if you give it a shot.

 - Silkcuts

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