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    Thrilling Nostalgia Comics is a indie comic book publisher who specialize in using public domain heroes of the 1940s for all-new adventure using a super team of creators including artists and inkers from Marvel, DC and other companies all coming together.

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    List of Publications

    The Liberty Brigade:

    • The Coming of The Liberty Brigade
    • The Liberty Brigade Sourcebook
    • The Liberty Brigade: The Hero Files
    • The Liberty Brigade: The Villain Files
    • The Liberty Brigade #0-1
    • The Liberty Brigade: The Lost Scenes

    The Blue Flame #1-2

    K the Unknown #1

    Lost Tales of the Golden Age:

    • Lost Tales of the Golden Age #1-6


    A vast majority of comic books published by Thrilling Nostalgia Comics are comic book characters from the Golden Age that are in the public domain. Some of their characters were renamed (like Captain Nippo being changed to Captain Japan) and they even revived long lost comic book characters (like Dr. Clewes and The Great Gazabo) from different comic book publishing companies of the 1940s that were never published until 2018.

    Original Characters:

    • The Bill of Rights
    • National Anthem
    • K the Unknown II (Beatrice Latimer)

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