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The First Issue of the First Female Superhero!

 The WIR Today
 The WIR Today
We can all argue who the first female superhero in comics is.  It is my experience that most historians point to Fantomah as the fist.  She came out one month before this issue which has the first appearance of the Woman In Red (WIR).  Now I grant that Fantomah is the first but she doesn't fit the archetype like WIR.  Fantomah is more of a Goddess with seemingly unlimited power.  I would class her with characters like Thor, Samson and Hercules.  So it that means Fantomah is the first female superhero in comics I am cool with that, but in that case the WIR would be the first masked female superhero in comics.  Either way they were way before Wonder Woman and the WIR's first appearance deserves a review and here it is.
The issue starts with a Dr. Strange tale.  This adventure is completely crammed with story.  It is a pretty good Golden Age comic.  
Next is the Three Comrades.  These three have a Thomas and Hardy feel to them.  They are definitely not superheros.  The story is alright but a little flat at some points.  The characters lack depth.  For Example one of the Comrades Books is really smart.  Get it.
The Rio Kid NOT in comics
The Rio Kid NOT in comics
Tom Niles is a British Submarine Commander in World War II (WWII) and this story could not be more dull.  A lot of Golden Age stories about WWII before America entered the war are like this one.  We have gone guy doing just about everything and seemingly wipes out the German's single handed.
Now we are to the important part of the book the WIR.  This is a really cool first story for her.  She is not a wimp, dumb, a damsel in distress or any stereotype that seems to fill the Golden Age Era.  (At least at first)  First off she is given an assignment because she is the best officer in the department.  It is also a good mystery for a comic of this time.  I really enjoyed it.
Next we have two Young Smiley West comic strips.  Theses are quite forgettable as is the short story that comes after.  The short story is also pretty racict in it stereotyping of Africans.  It is not even worth reading.
The Rio Kid was very popular in stories before comics but did not translate well to comics and this story is a good indication why.  Nothing remotely new or interesting happens.  It was a watered down version of every western cliche you ever read.  The western short story Pizen Bead that comes next was not any better.
Tommy Dolan is the last good story of the book, the the Pinocchio tale and Stooges comic were not very good.  I believe this is Tommy Dolan's first appearance and if it is, this is quite a unique one.  I really don't want to give it away but the writer really took advantage of the reader not knowing the hero very well.
I recommend this book on it's historical significance alone.  That said most of the main "comic style" stories are pretty good.  As a whole I would give the book three-and-a-half stars.  I would and am recommending it to anyone and everyone.
In Liberty We Trust.

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