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    These are the features for this issue.

    1. Dr Strange: The Lost City:  Doc Strange investigates the the Murder of Ephraim Saunders.  Ephraim had found the mysterious lost City in Tibet.  So, Doc tries tries to fins the city before Ephraim's murderer, Johnathan Crewe finds it.  He is no the first there and Crewe tries to kill Doc by pushing him into a deep pit.  Unsuccessful, Doc finds the treasury and  in a final battle Crewe falls into a bottomless crevasse.
    2. Three Comrades: The origin story of the Three Comrades and how they met.  The three rescue Edith Wayne from the Mask
    3. Tom Niles:  The origin story of the most famous British submarine commander.  He gets command of the invincible by diving to rescue some sailors at the bottom of the ocean.  He then goes on a mission with Betty Manton to to Germany to get plans on navel attacks.  Tom not only gets the plans but he captures U-46, a German Submarine.  He then plans a counter attack on the German attack.
    4. Woman In Red: A murder at the hospital puts Peggy on the case she disguises herself as the Woman In Red and follows the mystery, clues and trail of bodies to find the real killed and the radium that is at the source of the murders.
    5. Young Smiley West: This is a comic strip.  This strip it titled the Gold Hunting Dawg.  The Dog Basco is sold to Young Smiley West under the lie of being a gold finding dog.  The lie however turns out to not be that far off.
    6. Young Smiley West: This is a comic strip.  Young Smiley West buy a rubber laso and tests it out for the first time.
    7. Lid of Death; the Mystery of the stolen Brooch:  This is a short story
    8. Rio Kid:  The Rio Kid helps a ranch from being taken out of business by a swindling Ranch owner.
    9. Pizen Bead:  A short story.  A western tale with the hunt of a bandito..
    10. Tommy Dolan:  Tommy Dolan captures an escaped convict and finds the evidence to put her mob boss away.
    11. Pinocchio: Not quite the Pinocchio story most of us know today, but not far off the beaten path either. Strip ends with Pinocchio being made.
    12. Stooges:  This is a half page comic strip, not to be confused with the Three Stooges.

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    The First Issue of the First Female Superhero! 0

     The WIR Today We can all argue who the first female superhero in comics is.  It is my experience that most historians point to Fantomah as the fist.  She came out one month before this issue which has the first appearance of the Woman In Red (WIR).  Now I grant that Fantomah is the first but she doesn't fit the archetype like WIR.  Fantomah is more of a Goddess with seemingly unlimited power.  I would class her with characters like Thor, Samson and Hercules.  So it that means Fantomah is the ...

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