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  1. Doc Strange:  Doc Strange after being shot trying to stop a kidnapping invents a drug called alosun that not only heals his bullet wounds but also gives him super-strength.  He then chases the Faceless Phantom (the one responsible for the kidnapping) all over the world and especially the United States.  The Phantom however has the deadly Delta Ray weapon.  Strange also fights the Phantom's thugs and a shark, tiger, pit of snakes, giant constrictor snakes, crocodiles a giant octopus, an ape, the heavy weight boxing champion and more in the attempt to save Virginia Thompson and her father.  Phantom however steals his alosun.   So Strange invents a counter to his alosun and he invents a suit of armor to protect people from the delta ray.  Lastly, he invents a way to stop the Phantom from disappearing.  With all his new inventions he goes back to face the phantom and find out that he is really Commissioner Baxter.
  2. The McCoys: The McCoy's: is a one page comic strip.  In this one Mickey McCoy is not allowed to go outside because he has a cold/
  3. The McCoys: The McCoy's: In this strip Mickey gets a police uniform and a whistle and plays the part.
  4. The McCoys: The McCoy's: In this strip Mickey's dad tries to help his wife out at home.  Of course it ends in disaster.
  5. The McCoys: The McCoy's: In this strip Mickey gets mad at his mother and leaves home to become a bird.
  6. The McCoys: The McCoy's: In this strip Mickey tells his dad's boss that he needs a raise.
  7. Don Tyler's Triumph:  In a two page short story, Don Tyler captures White Blossom, a leader of a gang of dope smugglers.
  8. Nickie Norton:  Nickie goes to Mexico on vacation and ends up investigating their murder of Jim Fulton, the inventor of the Fulton Submarine.  Jim was murdered in his sleep by a man named Cortez in an attempt to steal his plans and the prototype of the sub.  Jim trying to keep the information secret divided the location among himself and his two daughters. This resulted in the torture and murder of his daughter Joan Fulton and the near decapitation of his daughter Sandra Fulton.  Nickie however saves Sandra, the sub and dishes out punishment to Cortez.
  9. George W. Baylor:  The stylized version of the historical event of when George W. Baylor and his involvement in the Victorio war.

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Doc Strange Today This is the first appearance of Doc Strange and many other characters but Doc Strange is the most notable in my  (and I assume your) opinion.  His story in this book is a long one.  It is well over thirty pages with no adds and it s fully pact.  Strange fights the Faceless Phantom, his thugs a shark, tiger, pit of snakes, giant constrictor snakes, a spy, crocodiles a giant octopus, an ape, and the heavy weight boxing champion.  He also invents alosun that gives him his sup...

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