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    Originally launched by Mark Waid as a free digital comic publisher, Thrillbent has since begun distribution through online retailers Comixology and iVerse.

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    Mark Waid launched Thrillbent, with his partner John Rogers, in 2012 after announcing it during the 2012 C2E2.

    Ongoing Series

    Limited or One-shot Series

    • City of the Dead
    • Clown In The Mirror
    • Cthulhu Calls
    • If You're So Smart
    • Luther
    • Recipe for Disaster
    • The Walking Pandas

    Business Model

    Thrillbent currently releases all of it's digital comics for free on their site but offers collected editions of Insufferable on Comixology and iVerse. The company is currently experimenting with further ways to generate revenue with the following options being contemplated publicly:

    • Kickstarter funded physical copies
    • A "time-shifting" system in which a given title has collected editions come out earlier then the free weekly installments.
    • A subscription model
    • Ads placed in the reader app


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