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Thrill-Kill's origins are unknown, but his criminal mind and psychotic attempts are very well known, there is no evidence to who he is, or was, but he is a man, who some believe to be a cyborg, who bares a deep hatred of do gooders, especially Wolf-Man. Thrill-Kill's weapons are only two blades the same length as his forearms on both arms, sharp and deadly. They first encountered when Thrill-Kill tried to make a getaway from the NYPD, taking to the rooftops in order to lose them. Wolf-Man was able to find the psycho up on the rooftops after being launched out of the Wolf-Car, after being fully tested by his former mentor and friend Zechariah, Wolf-Man was able to track down Thrill-Kill, along with a hostage woman, making an escape. Wolf-Man tried to stop the mad man, Thrill-Kill held the hostage over the building rooftop, his plan was to give the werewolf a choice, save the girl from plummeting to her death, or stop Thrill-Kill from escaping. Unfortunately for Thrill-Kill, Wolf-Man was able to do both options. After releasing the girl, he was caught off guard by Wolf-Man and the two fell after the woman. Thrill-Kill was thwarted of his plans after an attempt to escape police custody and from a pestering superhero, Wolf-Man was able to stop Thrill-Kill by slamming his head into a building wall and was left for the police to take after knocking him out cold. Afterwards Wolf-Man was able to save the cyborg's hostage and end this little dispute for the time being.


As Wolf-Man was being pursued and hiding in Montana to train with the Elder who turned him, Thrill-Kill was being sent to Stronghold Penitentiary, Chicago. As he was being transported, Thrill-Kill met two more villains of Wolf-Man, Eruptor and Construct. They too had a deep hatred for Wolf-Man for thwarting their plans. This was the beginning of a terrible, and temporary "friendship" between the three villains forming a team called Triple Threat. A trio of Wolf-Man's enemies all with the same goal; to kill Wolf-Man, while Gary was returning, Construct was able to break the trio out with her robot technology, and take off to one of her hideouts, but before they could get business done, Thrill-Kill had plans of his own, using his razor sharp arm blades, he sliced open Eruptor's throat, thinking that he had killed him and headed straight for Construct, only to be stopped by the fully healed Eruptor, but Thrill-Kill was given permission by Construct to try and kill her, as planned he attempted to slice her in half, but to his surprise, Construct was protected by her technology, designed to stop anything that invades her personal space. Thrill-Kill's pointed places were shot off, by the tip, and lead him to excruciating pain, the blades were apart of his body. as the little dispute settled, the trio set off to Montana to bring out Wolf-Man by burning down the forest they believed he was hiding in, unaware that Wolf-Man had left the area weeks before heading back to New York City.

The trio were stopped and beaten not by Wolf-Man as they'd hoped, but by the Elder who lived in the forest. The next day Thrill-Kill and his companions were found beaten and unconscious in a burnt section of the forest in Willows Creek, Montana. Once again being transported, by police escort, Thrill-Kill was heading back to Stronghold Penitentiary, Chicago. But this time, to his surprise, Wolf-Man was in the same transport with him, Thrill-Kill, now knowing what Wolf-Man looked like in human form name and all, began plotting an opportunity to kill him in his human form. Thrill-Kill seized an opportunity as Gary, Wolf-Man, was being escorted by one of the guards, in an attempt to kill Wolf-Man, but instead killed the guard, who saved Gary's life as part of his job, being sliced in half by the psycho. Thrill-Kill's only attempt had been thwarted, and afterwards was beaten by the armed guards, who later attacked Gary, in anger for the death of their friend.

During the Breakout, and Wolf-Man brought down by his own daughter Chloe Hampton. Thrill-Kill saw another opportunity to kill Wolf-Man along with his daughter, with the help of a partner named Kursk. However, Wolf-Man, now healed and stopping his partner, Thrill-Kill was left for Chloe to bring down, Thrill-Kill was once again caught off guard by Wolf-Man and was brought down by Chloe, slicing his back with her Kitana Blade

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