Character » Thresha appears in 15 issues.

    Lover of Battle Beast.

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    It is not specified what the name of her species is but the entire species has green and white skin, having similar features to that of sharks, along with sharp teeth (and claws, since they are bipedal creatures).

    Battle Beast frees Thresha's people from oppression by slaughtering everyone who could stand to challenge him on their planet. This is what causes Thresha to meet and eventually join with Battle Beast.

    Her people's language comes across similar to Yoda's with odd placement, with such phrasings as "Convinced you should be". However, this may be because of their attempt to communicate with other species as it is not shown how those of the same species communicated.


    • Claws
    • Durability
    • Super Strength (while the males stood little chance, Battle Beast admits that Thresha was the first female to ever cause him to bleed, Invincible #115)
    • Stamina

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