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    The Captive was the last remaining member of his species when he was captured and placed inside a vessel where it was taken to a black hole star. The Captive would eventually escape a million years later and land on Earth near a meadow belonging to a farmer named Jim Hendricks. The farmer would contact Captain America to investigate the UFO and the alien beings coming onto his property. The Captive tells Captain America that a warship led by Commander Troga has discovered his location and sent a Stalker and a Combatron to capture him. Captain America vows to protect the Captive but the super soldier does not realize that his alien friend has a dark secret. Commander Troga would send down a group of inorganic troops called Magnoids to destroy Captain America and the Captive. Captain America would discover that the Captive was a space parasite after it drained the life-force of the farmer. The Captive would reveal his monstrous form and tell Captain America his true origin. The Captive belonged to a species of space parasites that were feared and hated around the universe. They would roam the universe on their star-ships and travel to areas populated with life to drain their life-forces and grow stronger. Other civilizations would grow inorganics like robots and androids to hunt his species until the Captive was the last of his race. The Captive tells Captain America that he would drain the life-force of the entire populace of Earth to obtain ultimate power. The Captive attempts to drain the life-force of Captain America but the super soldier fights him off until the Magnoids approach his ship. The Captive started to grow in size as it recharged on life-force energy but Captain America threw his shield and stunned his enemy. The Magnoids overwhelmed the Captive and placed him in steel bindings. Commander Troga activated the light-year sling and a power beam transported the Captive towards a flaming star called Epsilon Four. The Captive appeared to have perished when the star went nova and exploded.


    Threkker first appeared in Captain America Annual # 3 as the Captive in 1976 and was created by Jack Kirby.

    Powers & Abilities

    Threkker is a space parasite that can drain the life-force of any being to enhance his power and strength to exeptional levels.

    He has a powerful healing factor and is virtually immortal


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