Three Stooges

    Team » Three Stooges appears in 174 issues.

    One of America's successful comedy groups that lasted from the 1930s through to the 1970s.

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    Moe: The leader of the group. Easily noticed as the one with the bowl cut hair and short temper. He was played by Moe Howard.

    Larry: A balding stooge. He tended to be the middle stooge trying to prevent conflict between Moe and Curly. He was played by Larry Fine.

    Shemp: One of the original stooges but when he wanted to try a solo career, he was replaced by Curly until 1947. Eight years later he died. He was played by Shemp Howard.

    Curly: The replacement of Shemp and the most recognizable stooge of all. He was famous because of his "Woo-woo-woos". He was played by Curly Howard.

    Joe: He was called in to replace Shemp Howard. He was played by Joe Besser.

    Curly Joe: One of the final stooges. He performed in the Three Stooges movies and cartoons. He was played by Joe DeRita.

    The Robonic Stooges

    After the live-acting shorts of the Three Stooges an early Saturday show was made, the Robonic Stooges. This show had the three main stooges; Moe, Larry, and Curly, as robotic androids who clumsily save the day. This series lasted from January 28, 1978 to September 2, 1978.


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