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Threader was a nameless orphan in servitude to a bunch of Barbarians and was being treated like a dog. It was during this time that he awakened his powers and subsequently got saved by the King of Lions who gave Threader his name. Since then, Threader grew up serving Liones and the throne with loyalty.


Threader has a long face with long black hair, with a a scar on his forehead above his right eye. He wears long sleeved shirt above his stomache and black belted pants. On his Holy Knight get up, Threader does not wear a full bodied armor. Instead, he wears a metal mask gauntlets and steel boots.


Armored Giant Arc

Threader and his gang, the Dawn Roar were summoned by Helbrem to hunt down a menace in Ordan, an Armored Giant residing in the mountains near the village. Threader and gang would arrive at the scene only to be engaged in a standoff with the monster who had already laid waste to an entire army of Knights and stood amidst a field of corpses. It was do and die sort of situation, where whoever made the first move would die.

The five members of Dawn Roar and the Armored Giant stood there staring at each other in the rain, like frozen statues. The stalemate was broken when a local boy, Pelio, came running up the mountains. His presense near him compelled the Armored Giant to make a move. It swung it's massive fist down on the boy who almost died.

The boy Pelio was saved by his guardian Armando, who pushed Pelio away from the giants fist and in turn became a victim to it. It seemed as though Armando was dead.

Taking this moment to strike down the Armored Giant, Threader and his gang leapt up above the giant, ready for an all out assault. However they were thwarted in this attempt by the arrival of Meliodas, whose interruption forced the 4 to land short of their attack. King disappeared with Pelio, taking him to safety far away from the battlefield.

After a brief clash with the sins and all but eliminating their attempt to save the armored giant, Threader leaves Simon with Meliodas and with the rest of his teammates proceeds to finish the assault on Armored Giant. They manage to break the armor of the giant. Meanwhile the 5th member of the team Weinheidt launches an attack at the giant, in order to finish it off.

This arrow however is stopped by Armando, who was presumed dead. He turned out to be one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Gowther, Goat's Sin of Lust. Threader came to an understanding with Gowther. He realized the armored giant could not be taken down without losing at least one of them. Since it was the head of the giant that Dawn Roar was after to begin with, Gowther severed its head with the helmet on and gave it to Threader.

On this note, Threader and the others retreated, having successfully executed their mission. Back at a stop, they discussed the incident among themselves. It was weird that Helbrem had used them to hunt the monster down when they could easily have ordered someone from the New Generation to complete it. Weinheidt reminded Threader their sole purpose was for the mission, and not for the details.

Kingdom Infiltration Arc

After having come across Gowther in the streets of Liones facing 3 other Holy Knights, and seeing as how the Holy Knights were disregarding the wellbeing of the citizens, Threader gets rid of the Holy Knights quickly. He then proceeds to face off against Gowther himself.

After the greeting was done and amidst the clash, Threader asked Gowther whether he believed in fate. Gowther replied "no" and go on to explain how the occurance of an event is mere probability. Threader insists that he believes in fate saying it was fate that gave him a chance to fight Gowther as he had wanted to, to begin with.

Gowther replies they have absolutely no reason for a fight. Threader disagreed, saying the Seven Deadly Sins betrayed the King of Liones and therefore must atone for the sins. Gowther voiced his intent to quickly defeat Threader, to which he hissed in disagreement. Threader used his power "overpower" to momentarily stun Gowther and snapped his neck. Assuming he had killed Gowther, Threader starts walking away, saying he deserved it.

As a boy who was barely even self conscious, Threader was kidnapped by savages. He wasn't sure whether it was for food or loot, but back then, he had neither a name or freedom. He was treated worse than an animal and despised for it. Had he spoken out or resisted, he would have been killed in the blink of an eye. Threader used to hide and watch them in order to learn how to fight. Then one day, he awakened this strange power which made the savages run.

They returned with weapons in hand to kill Threader but he was saved by the King, noted to have had a strange power as if he knew Threader was there. The King of Liones respected threader, taught him, about love, and what it meant to be human, to live. Most above all, the King of Liones gave Threader his name.

And for that reason, Threader will obey any orders the King of Liones had to give him. Out of nowhere, Gowther interrupts Threader. As it turned out, Gowther had taken a look into Threader's memories. Before his eyes, he saw Gowther snap his neck back into place. Threader was surprised, as he had previously broken it.

Gowther replies his body can resist being "played" with and gives off a sarcastic laugh deprieved of emotion, then questions himself whether it was the right note to have laughed at. While Threader was confused, Gowther adds on that they have all the more reason not to fight. He explains if Dawn Roar is serving the King, the Seven Deadly Sins is serving the princess who is trying to protect the King at all costs.

Gowther explains how the Seven Deadly Sins originally served under the King and not under the Great Holy Knight. He talks about how Dawn Roar was formed as a replacement for the Sins. On this note, Gowther calls Threader his junior and shakes hand.

Gowther snapped his hand away, refusing to be close to criminal. Gowther asked if that was what the King said. Gowther goes on to ask Threader if the king really did tell him that the Seven deadly Sins are traitors. He asks Threader why the Holy Knights are running the Kingdom to which Threader replies its because the King is ill. Gowther asked Threader if the King in person told him of it.

It was then that the realization dawned on him. Baffled, he walked off. Gowther asked where he was going, to which Threader replied, he had never been humiliated like he was.



Threader's special ability, overpower allows him to momentarily stops his opponents in their tracks, allowing him to quickly finish them off. This ability was first displayed when he had stopped Meliodas from going to the aid of the armored giant. On it's second use against Gowther, he used the presented opportunity to get in close and break Gowther's neck.



Threader uses a big sword about twice the size of his own body, with edges built like a sawblade. Its extremely effective on armored targets.


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