Team » Thraxans appears in 29 issues.

    An insect like race from the Invincible universe. This race has a short lifespan of only nine months, because of this they develop quite rapidly.

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    Origin Galaxy: Virgo super cluster

    Star systerm: Unrevealed

    Planet: Unrevelsd

    Habitat: Temperare, mountainous, vast open plains and water-bearing grottos existing beneath the planet's surface.

    Gravity: 1.2 of Earth's

    Atmosphere: 76% nitrogen, 23% oxygen and 1% unknown

    Population: 3.2 billionType of government: Elective Monarchy

    Physical Characteristics:

    Type: Insectoid

    Eyes: Two

    Fingers: Two in conjunction with large grasping forlegs

    Toes: One

    Skin color: Blue/Green

    Average height: 6' 1"

    Special adaptations: The Mantis race possesses an accelerated lifespan equivalent to 9 months from birth till death, in Earth time. All aspects of Mantis life occur at a vastly accelerated rate including growth, adaption, learning and reproduction.

    Level of tecnology: Less advanced than Earth's in some areas, but more advanced in others. The Mantis race is capable of traviling through space, using both wormhole and faster than light travel methods.

    Cultural traits: The elders of the Mantis race are the ruling class, the eldest known member is crowned ruler of the planet, their rule only lastiny a few days.

    Repressentatives: Nolan(ruler), Andressa(mate of Nolan and newest ruler), Oliver(child of Nolan and Andressa).

    History: Very little is known of the history of the planet that is inhabited by the Mantis-like aliens who were ruled by the Viltrumite Nolan after he left Earth. Even the inhabitant's name for their planet and race is unknown. Given the Mantis aliens rapid aging and personal development it is likely thet their advanced culture is still fairly recent. Comparing their advancement and lifespan to humanity's, it can be extrapolated that their society is probably no more than 1,500 years old. Upon arriving at the Mantis planet, Nolan Grayson was quickly made ruler of the world and defended it, along with his son Invincible, against a trio of Viltrumite warriors who had come there wreaking destruction upon the populance in an attempt to apprehend him.

    In this time as ruler, Nolan was responsible for many cultural advancements and consequently earned the respect of his subjects. Recent history has shown the tenacity and resilience that allowed the Mantis race to flourish. After the genocide commited by the Viltrumites, they had virtually rebuilt their society in just over one Earth month.

    After being exiled from the Viltrumite Empire, Thragg travels to the planet where the Thraxans lived and begun to mate with several of the natives in order to create a fast breeding army. It was also during this time when Battle Beast was sent by Allen to kill Thragg. The two had a bloody and intense battle for several days before Thragg finally attained the upper hand and killed Battle Beast by crushing his heart with his bare hand.


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