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    Thrax (Comic) 

    Published by Event Comics in November 1996, Dave Ross's THRAX seemingly takes place during an intense period of political strife and covert battles on a world not exactly like but not too dissimilar from our own Earth.  Charged with our security, the covert government organization SAFEGUARD utilizes several forms of genetic modification such as gene splicing in conjunction with high tech weaponry and surveillance equipment to keep the peace and protect our national interests from any and all threats. 

    Thrax (Character) 

    The man simply known as John, a SAFEGUARD agent, has been modified into THRAX.  When in "Full Combat" mode THRAX has enhanced agility, strength, and speed well above that of a normal human.  Additional enhancements include wings, hyper dense skin, and a technologically advanced battle suit that gives THRAX an edge against any opponent - even others who've been modified themselves. 


    While never stated specifically it is implied that THRAX is rare within SAFEGUARD, possibly one of a kind or a pilot program specifically under SAFEGUARD'S director: Bryce.

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