Character » Thrakkorzog appears in 11 issues.

    Thrakkorzog is a gelatinous being from a different (usually unnamed) dimension. Being very propper and meticulous, he schedules conflicts with the Tick ahead of time to makes sure they are convienient.

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    Thrakkorzog first appears in The Tick #11, where the Tick is already in the middle of fighting with Mighty Agrippa (the Roman God of the Aquaduct) so Thrakkorzog reschedules for a better time.

    His next appearance is in The Tick Massive Double Summer Special #1 where he joins a super-villian team akin to the Masters of Evil called "Phalanx of Gloom".


    Thrakkorzog in the animated tv series differs somewhat from his comic book counterpart. In the show, he states that he is from "dimension 14B" which is also the apartment next door to the Tick. He speaks very polietly and has a tongue that seems to have a mind of its own and a craving for brains.

    In an effort to clone an army of Tick, Thrakkorzog kidnaps Arthur and clones him so that the Arthur clone can retrieve a tissue sample from Tick. Tick, suffering from a headcold, does not notice the new green-skinned Arthur who only ever says, "I Arthur" and eventually end up bringing Thrakkorzog a used tissue with which mucus clones of the Tick are made.

    In a climatic roof-top battle, Tick mispronounces Thrakkorzog 's name multiple times, finally inhaling his clone and "sneezing" him into Thrakkorzog and knocks them both into a dimensional rift, thus ending the episode.

    While Thrakkorzog has not appeared any any live-action shows, some people have theorized that the tentacled monster who appeared in the season 2 finale of the Amazon Prime show was Thrakkorzog himself.


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