Thousand Sunny

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    The Thousand Sunny is the current ship of the Straw Hat Pirates . It was built by their shipwright Franky .

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    The Thousand Sunny is the second ship to be used by the Straw Hat Pirates ( the first being the Merry Go ). It was built by Franky who made it out of Adam Wood , which he purchased with the money that was initally stolen from the Straw Hats . Franky wanted to build a ship that would sail across the entire world ever since he was a child , and was inspired by Tom (a fishman who raised him and taught him ) who had built the Oro Jackson (the ship of legendary Pirate King Gol D. Rogers ) . When building the ship Franky took into account various requests of the Straw Hat Pirates , and even armed it with several of his own ideas ( including a grassy deck , and various quarters for each member) .  
    Instead of the Sheep figurehead , which was present on the Merrry Go , Franky built a Lion figurehead with a set of crossbones behind it . Unfortunately the figurehead looks more like a dandelion or sun because of the style used on the mane , and it is often mistaken as such . The ship also contains various features that Franky incorporated into it in case of "emergencies" . 


     The Thousand Sunny is at least twice the size of the Merry Go , and also boasts the Straw Hats Jolly Roger ( a skull with crossbones wearing a straw hat ).  It is made of a rare wood named Adam Wood , which is said to be the strongest wood in the world . This is proven when it is capable of withstanding cannon fire from Garp's Ship , and even capable of moving over land ( In Oda's movie Strong World) without being damaged.  
    The ship also  contains various " Channels" as they are named , which each serve different functions . Channel one houses a Waiver like vehicle named Shiro Mokuba I , which is revealed to be a remodeled version of Nami's old waiver . Channel two holds a small steam boat called Mini Merry II which was made by Franky as a homage to the original .  Channel three houses the Shark Submerge III , which is a small , three man , deep sea submarine made by Franky , so that members of the crew can dive 5,000 meters underwater . Channel four is initially filled with a swimming pool ( which Chopper uses to swim in ) , but could possibly contain new weapons, as Franky claims to have modified the ship after the two years .  
    In addition to the Channels , the ship also contains several weapons , which Franky designed himself , such as the Coup De Burst and the Gaon Cannon ( both utilizing technology that Franky houses within himself) . The Coup De Burst is a technique that the straw hats use in which three barrels of cola are used to propel the ship forward and into the air at great speeds ( similar to Franky's Coup De Vent technique ) . This technique is more defensive , as it is used mostly for escaping purposes . The Gaon Cannon is a cannon housed within the mouth of the Lion figurehead , and uses five barrels of cola ( three for the cannon and two for the Coup De Burst to prevent the ship from flying backwards ). The blast fired from it looks very similar to that of a Ki blast , and is very powerful .  
    No new weapons or features have been shown for the Thousand Sunny after the 2 year time skip , although Franky comments that he has added new weapons to himself and the ship .

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