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    Heliopolitan god of the Moon and Wisdom. Thoth is also considered the wisest of the Egyptian gods.

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    Thoth is a character from Egyptian mythology.


    Thoth is known by many names, as is the pantheon he is a part of. Thoth was present at the catastrophic and cataclysmic battle between his brother of sorts, Atum, and and the Elder god Set millions and millions of years ago. Thoth was also presumably active in some capacity as well during the Hyborian Age, having active worshippers during that period. Thoth on occasion has interacted with the Norse Thunder god and Mighty Avenger Thor, on one occasion teleporting the Asgardian and some of his companions out of his temple, and on another more favorable occasion after the Thunder god had aided fellow gods of Thoth, Osiris. Thoth has at various times served in leadership roles, or position of high authority among the Heliopolitan gods.

    Alongside Bastet and Ptah (Egyptians) and other African gods such as Kokou and Mujaji, Thot is part of the Wakandan pantheon, known as The Orisha.

    Powers and Abilities

    Thoth demonstrates superior stats and abilities to those of the more typical Ennead (Heliopolitan gods) he possesses the strength to lift upwards of approximately 90 tons, and due to his near immortality and age he is also often considered one of the wisest of the Egyptian gods. Thoth is also a very skilled fighter. He has a host of other abilities beyond standard durability, he is a metamorph capable of size and shape changing and teleportation as well. He has the ability to manipulate energy to a high degree as well.


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