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    Thorneypaws is a blue catty alien and interplanetary singer.

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    Thorneypaws is from a jungle planet of Phee IV, S'lada found her in a slug den and noticed her singing talent. He declared himself his manager and they tried to make it big. They traveled through 70 galaxies: singing, conning, and even thieving. Their last chance is on Earth.

    Major Story Arcs

    Thorneypaws arrived to Earth in her traveling box along with her manager S'lada. They had a contract of her performance in the Rock Arena of Ka Corporation. But her show was canceled as the organizers didn't want live performance, only holograms. S'lada tried to get her on the stage telling he'd pay any price. Then Timespirit, Cusick arrived and helped her for a 10% pay. Thorneypaws stepped on the stage and sang her most beautiful song. It pulled the people out of the trance they were put into by the Ka Corporation. To get the people back in line, the corporation put on Jimi Hendrix hologram. But the young Doot started the timedance and brought Jimi to this era. Thorneypaws joined Doot's dance and Jimi's guitar play and they literally brought the house down.

    When the Timespirits left for another time with resurrected Jimi Hendrix, Thorneypaws slipped into the timeshift, and S'lada followed her. They arrived in Guatemala jungle in 1980. Thorneypaws liked the jungle and went for a run. She was soon caught up by Doot. Doot used a spell to understand her language, and Thorneypaws explained in song that she actually doesn't want to be a star, she only followed S'lada because she loved him. Doot promised to explain it to S'lada. They were interrupted by some soldiers who shot Doot. Thorneypaws killed the soldiers and carried Doot away. Thorneypaws noticed a woman in distress and saved her from the soldiers. She and Doot decided to help the woman, as the soldiers were attacking her village. They were too late though, the entire village was slaughtered before they got there. Reunited with others, Doot did explain Thorneypaws' feeling to S'lada, and they decided to stay on Earth's past, living in the jungle.


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