Character » Thorn appears in 14 issues.

    A mysterious Pictish demigod that was chained below Glasgow city for thousands of years. He has once again been freed.

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    Sixteen thousand years ago there was a civil war between the Gods of Alba (present day Scotland). On one side was Belatucadros who wanted the gods to continue to rule over humans and on the other was a rebellion lead by the demigod Thorn who wanted to stop interfering in the lives of mortals and instead intermingle with them. The war ended with most of the gods dead and Thorn bound by bone chains deep underground where present day Glasgow stands.

    Present Day

    Thorn has now been freed by a young woman called Isla Mackintosh who is looking for her missing sister. He has decided to continue his war for free will by recruiting an army of Redcaps and Orcs.


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