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    Thori is a Hellhound with flames coming out of his mouth and the ability to speak.

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    Thori was residing in a cave somewhere near Asgard and being looked after by Leah. It's unknown where he has was staying after Leah's death but it is assumed he it was with Loki. Thori remained with Hel-Wolf, his father, for a while after his betrayal of Loki to him. He was seen as a member of the Pets of Evil Masters.


    Thori is a hellhound puppy and is also Loki's pet. He is one of seven puppies of a Hel-Wolf and Garm of Hel which were given to Loki by Hela who holds him responsible for the events that brought about their creation. Loki, unable to handle so many and desperate to rid himself of the burden, gave Thori's six siblings away to various people. Among them are Tyr and Warlock who were given females. Mephisto, Gaea, Heimdall, and one that was even auctioned off in the internet were also given Hellhounds of an unspecified gender to take care of. It should be noted that Heimdall named his Hati.


    Thori was created by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Mitch Breitweiser.

    Character Evolution

    Thori has a love/hate relationship with Loki since he was given to him and is easily enamored by people he considers more suitable master like Damion Hellstrom who he begged to be his master. He is fond of shouting "Murder", "Death to Asgard", and other threats to Asgardians.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Unworthy Thor

    For more information see: The Unworthy Thor

    Thori is in the cell next to Thor, when he is captured by the Collector. Then later when Beta Ray Bill helps Thor escape he frees Thori too. Thori then helps Thor and Beta Ray Bill fight the Collector, Black Swan and Proxima Midnight. He also frees the other animals in the Collectors collection. When Thor and Beta Ray Bill make their escape from the Collectors ship, Thori goes with them. Later, Thori is seen on Old Asgard with the other escaped animals.

    Powers & Abilities

    Thori has been shown to have flames exuding from his mouth, and an ability to speak, so it is possible he has other higher cognitive functions. He also has the ability to track beings across dimensional planes.


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