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Well played sir...

On paper this film should not work, Thor as a concept just doesn't seem like a summer blockbuster. 

Well kudos to Kenneth Branagh and co. as this film is amazing!

They've kept the plot and story relatively simple, I didn't explain one bit of the premise to my girlfriend before we went in and asked her at the end if she followed it. "What's to follow?"
If she's able to understand the concepts of this film then the general public should have no problem. Take that massive hurdle, combine it with the quality effects, great acting and this is going to be a major hit.

Hemsworth is Thor, he fits the role well and I can't imagine anyone else in the role. Hiddleston and Hopkins are the stars here though, the interaction between these two before Odin falls into the odinsleep is brilliant. 
Kat Dennings was a lot less annoying than I thought she'd be from the trailers and the humour she brought to the film was well played. Nat Portman was good in her role and Clark Gregg showed he's more than a plain suit in his role of 'Son of Coul'

Some of my fanboy reservations prior to seeing the film went to the outfits (they looked plasticky) and the frost 'giants' lack of height. I'm glad to say these were unfounded, the outfits fitted in fine and looked great surrounded by those gorgeous sets of asgard. And as for the mini giants, well they worked out pretty well as if they had a massive giant it would have sapped the budget and wouldn't have produced the awesome fight scenes on jotenheim.

:Last thing I'll say is DONT SEE IT IN 3D. 

In fairness the 3D conversion is extremely well done and probably the best conversion jobs I've seen. The director has also had the good grace to avoid any gimmicky hammer coming towards you shots. However, while this is all well done it's still a pointless exercise as the scenes in asgard are so vibrant it's daft to let the 3D glasses dampen the amazing visuals.

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