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Powers and Abilities

Thor was the Seventh Fist of Ragnarok and one of their primary muscle. Thor is a martial artist who practices combat sumo and is very proud of his thick body. Thor has a high level of super strength and ran an underground fighting arena in order to practice sumo. Thor is a disciple level fighter who reached that goal without a master which is an incredible achievement. After the Shinpaku Alliance and Ryozanpaku rescue Freya's grandfather he begins giving Thor tips in sumo (even though he is a weapons master) and Thor has increased both his strength and speed. Thor also has incredible endurance which is further enhanced because of his fat. Thor was able to take multiple combos from Kenichi and a super speed beating from Rimi.


  • Hurricane Wave Times 4 - A stronger version of Thor's original leg muscle tornado where Thor raises his leg and then thrusts it straight down with all his weight/ Thor has used this to break concrete and smashed through an assault rifle.
  • Oniharite - Thor slams an open palm to a target within reach with enough power to crush concrete. After training together with Freya's grandfather, Thor further honed this technique by adding a twisting motion with his wrist, sending the unlucky recepient flying and allowing him to fight armed foes.
  • Sabaori - A throwing move where Thor grabs an opponent by the waist and uses all his strength to throw them.
  • Thor's Hammer - Thor's strongest attack where he joins his hands by locking his fingers together and then he hammers his foes repeatedly with enough power to knock out most opponents in one hit.

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