Yay or Nay - Matt Fraction on Thor??

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Now i know he has been writieing thor for a while now but ijust wanted to make a thread were every one can tell people why they like it or why the hate it. For me i like his stuff i mean i loved world eaters and its up there with my favorites. I liked the mighty thor but at time it felt like it know what it wanted to do but it wasent quit sure how to to it but eather way it is a great book. Fear itself i got the trade version and it was good at the start but felt a little rushed in the middle with Bucky dieing and steve takeing back the shield but then at the end i thought the battles were awesome. So thats my thought on Matt Fractions work on thor so far i have ordered The mighty Thor Vol 2 and im sure it will be good.

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I like the older stuff, Stan Lee and Walt Simonson. I even liked Jurgens and really like Stracynski's run...it was very good. All those guys understood the character of Thor.

I'm just can't get into Fraction's Thor. Kieron Gillen has something interesting going on over in JIM lately.

I really hope they turn the main title back over to someone else though.

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I say thee NAY!

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Have to give Fraction credit for something I would have thought impossible a few years ago. I have collected both Thor and Iron Man for, quite literally, decades. He has so utterly ruined both that now not only do I buy neither, but I do not even touch Marvel.

His blatant disregard for continuity, even to recent issues of his own, is now in the realm of the bizarre. Even in the complete fiction of the Marvel Universe his stories are laughable for their implausibility. If you forgo the overall plots and look at individual issues, I find him unable to maintain any pace to the story and remarkably unable to write dialogue.

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Matt Fraction he's a guy who can bring some interesting plots. I like How he brought some things "à la Saint Seiya" in Fear Itself (and I'm a HUGE FAN of Saint Seiya). And "The Galactus seed" was an interesting idea (Odin's armor looks like the Ramadanthys'one XD)... but the probleme with Fraction, is when he develops the plot... It's really... painful.

For this reasons I SAY THEE NAY!

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Nay. I just don't like Fraction's writing. It's difficult for me to get into his stories.

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@ThePhoenX said:
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#8 Posted by ThePhoenX (131 posts) - - Show Bio

Matt Fractions vs

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Stan The Man

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Fraction's wrecking characters and disregarding continuity? Shockerrrrrr

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Matt Fraction !!!

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His one-shots were brilliant. His current run is simply lackluster.
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I don't really like it. I hate how brings in these...I guess "funny" and "quirky" characters into every book. Like the goblin who wears a suit and glasses and carries around an iPad in The Mighty Thor and the INCREDIBLY annoying dwarf in Invincible Iron Man. Also this new emo kid in Mighty Thor too.

Can Walter Simonson do Thor again? I'm sure the guy has some more ideas now. Right? ....right?

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I hate how he comes up with ideas that sound amazing and then just rushes through them and turns them to garbage. This arc with tanarus sounded really cool. And then having thor fight the demogorge who eats forgotten gods was also really cool, but It seemed like in two panels everything was resolved. There wasn't even a fight with ulik. It was even more of a disappointment because his death in fear itself lead into this arc and it was the most anti climatic thing I've ever read. What's sad is he wrote that thor:the reigning mini, at least I think that's what it was called, but now he just plain sucks.

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Fraction has some good Thor issues and stories but overall he's a crappy writer.His only good book and run is on Invincible Iron Man.

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Love Fractions Iron Man run but really couldn't get in to his X-men at all. When I found out about him taking on Thor I dropped the book and followed Gillen to JIM who I personally think is the best writer for Thor and that corner of the Marvel U. I've never read a mighty Thor but wouldn't mind having a go at some point.

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