Who is MCU's THOR's protege?

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#1 Posted by THORSON (4521 posts) - - Show Bio

Iron Man has Spiderman

Captian America has Falcon/Winter Solider

Who does THOR have?

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#2 Posted by SeaGod (1012 posts) - - Show Bio

why does he need one? Heck out of the entire lineup on Iron Man and Captain America has one. Even if just counting founding members the rest of the team has nobody.

Black Widow: Nobody

Hulk: Nobody

Hawkeye: Nobody

Thor: Nobody

Then non founding members:

War Machine: Nobody

Falcon: Nobody

Winter Soldier: Nobody

Scarlet Witch: Nobody

Quicksilver: Nobody

Ant-Man: Nobody

Vision: Nobody

Black Panther: Nobody

Spider-Man: Nobody

Why single Thor out as needing one when only two members have shown to have any compared to all the rest.

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#3 Posted by TheRKThor (16 posts) - - Show Bio

Son Of Odin DOES NOT NEED ONE...He isn't puny

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#4 Posted by HaveAtThee (1037 posts) - - Show Bio

Not necessary. Thanks to the major worf effect he needs to develop himself.


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