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So I just watched and really enjoyed the movie. And their was a scene that made me take notice when Thor's uniform was ripped by Odin

My question is
What do the silver disks on his uniform represent?

I always knew them to be simple design elements to the suit, but according to the movie they actually represent something, not unlike medals of honor in military garments?

Can anyone shed some light on this please?
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I actually wonder that myself, I always interrupted them as their design for the belt Megingjard which doubles his strength, but then that doesn't explain why Beta Ray Bill has them as well, although on his costume they do look more as just design then an actual accessory.

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Often they are simply used as the pins that attach his cape to his body armor. In a series (whose name escapes me at the moment but it was over 5 years ago) i do remember seeing a design on it.

But currently as far as I know they do not have any symbolic meaning. I believe that they just used that scene to give the symbols more meaning to emphasize that Odin was banishing him out of Asgard and the family.
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I don't think they had any real significance and were used more as a point of emphasis than anything else. If you notice as Odin rips the rest of the costume away there are other points of emphasis. The sleeves are ripped away as he says something about his father and his father before him IIRC, yet I'm pretty darn sure there's no relation between Thors sleeves of armor and his grandfather. :P

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badges from his days in the Asgard chapter of the Boy Scouts?
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I believe they are some sort of power sources that increase his strength and also give his armor increased durability.
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In the movie...Thor's power comes from Mjolnir. Part of his power is his suit.


Odin was just removing his power.


Odin says that he is unworthy of the realms when he rips off the disc...says that he is unworthy of his title when he rips the cape off...and says he is unworthy of the loved ones he betrayed right before he casts him out.


The discs do not represent the realms. Odin was just doing that while talking. No real relation between the two.

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The disks serve no actual purpose.  It was the design that Jack Kirby came up with, and has endured every major costume the character has used, and those associated with him (Beta Ray Bill and Thunderstrike, for example) as a homage to Jack Kirby's original design.  Various designs have used it as a space for the pins that hold his cape in place, but it is simply a design element.


And no, Thor's power does not stem from Mjolnir, not even in the movie, and his suit is not part of his power.  Its removal in the movie was symbolic of the removal of Thor's station and status within Asgard, just as the removal of the hammer was symbolic of Odin removing Thor's powers.  But neither are the source of Thor's powers.

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@Jake Fury said:

                    badges from his days in the Asgard chapter of the Boy Scouts?



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Swet! Thanks for the feedback

I had always just considered them to be part of Thor's look. but the Movie threw me a bit..

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