Thor v. World War Hulk's foes

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I thought of posting this for a friend of mine, and I'm also rather bored but alas, let's get on with it shall we? And I'd like to point out that this is more of a blog than anything.

One of the many but very important contributing factor that affects Thor's battles is no other than his morals, character, and state of mind. It's simply a more sophisticated way of perceiving it as the alternative from our reality is none other than keeping his power in check so it does not cause trouble and interrupt the plot of the story at hand. Thor will always try to fight while holding back his might just so his enemies can keep up for his bliss of battle, his godly arrogance, and his unquantifiable power. Now this is what he does against the common villain. Imagine the extreme ends he would go for against his former friends of old?

Thor v. Ghost Rider (Blaze)

Almost all of the Rider's attacks will have no effect to any avail against Thor and prove futile in the end with Thor's imminent victory claimed. Rider's hellfire does little to nothing to Thor before as shown in the comics but in comparison and contrast, nearly all of Thor's attacks would reap him naught of anything as Rider himself would not be put down indefinitely by any of Thor's assaults with the exclusion of the Mjolnir's religious stature and the God Blast. The only debatable issue here that would allow the Rider to take down Thor is his Penance Stare and even then, there is doubt that Rider's penance stare would be of no avail to Thor due to Thor's honor, morals, and beliefs. Rider's less potent attacks are that of his chains and his physical attributes. He can keep up with Thor if Thor's jobbing sure but however, it will almost be a similar result to how Hulk defeats Rider. Albeit, not the same approach in battle. Rider's chains can do some damage to Thor due to it's magical nature and correlation with Rider's supposed strength but that's only if Thor allows it to be so when he fights like a dumb brute and even then, fighting in this matter will still grant him the victory due to the gap of both the former Thor and the latter Blaze.


Thor v. Iron Man

Thor would flat out destroy Iron Man should Stark ever decide to fight Thor, especially after pissing him off. However, Thorbuster Ironman... Tony will be granted a majority of the wins due to this suit for its purpose is to engage in battle against Thor should such a dire situation Stark wished would never come to pass occurred. Thor's asgardian magic will backfire against this armor as the more it absorbs, the more powerful it gets. This is if Thor lacked the knowledge on what this armour does. What if Thor knew of the properties of this armour and is willing to kill to win? He'll teleport Stark into the sun. His armor may absorb asgardian magic but it does not grant invulnerability to everything Thor does against it. If it did, then King Thor wouldn't have caused as much damage as he did upon it. Should Thor face Stark with morals on and no knowledge, then Tony possesses the edge and the majority here. Turn all these factors off, then Thor wins the majority.


Thor v. Fantastic Four

Should both Thor and the Fantastic Four engage in the heart of battle with the latter not preparing for such an engagement, Thor would destroy them, whether holding back or letting loose, they will be defeated in fashion of utter humiation. The Thing would throw Thor around a bit due to the latter holding back and reasoning with his former companions but it will only take nothing more than one strike from Thor to take the Thing out. The Human Torch? Thor summons torrential rain and calls forth twisters. Besides, nothing of Johnny's arsenal packs the necessary punch to even singed Thor. The Invisible Woman? Her forcefields will not implode Thor from the inside. Characters such as Thor live above the laws of physics. He does not die from going into the sun despite the amount of gravitational pressure and the heat it puts out, nor does he die from flying in space despite how cold and dark it is, and how fast he flies at (He has flown beyond hyperspace in space before). If all of stated things preformed by Thor doesn't affect on any level, what makes anyone sure that Susan Storm's forcefields would do anything to him? The best use she can do for her team is creating forcefields around them to shield them from Thor's strikes. However, he's capable and has proven to be able to one shot her fields before with his hammer. And what of Mr. Fantastic sir Punk? Thor uses him to slingshot everyone back to NY to send a message.


Thor v. Hercules

Being Thor's greater friend and divine ally, Thor would immediately express gratitude and happiness to engage Hercules in battle, which will in turn be more than likely to be that of fisticuffs. However, Hercules has the edge in this field since his fighting skills edges out Thors a significant amount as evident from their confrontation before in the comics. This will then lead on to Thor using his superpowers so he can shift the tides of the match severely into his favor. Such an example of superpowers would include casting down lighting with but a mere thought and make no mistake, this is Thor fighting without Mjolnir and with morals. Envisage how the tide of this battle will go should Thor use mighty Mjolnir and fights unrestraint? If Thor decides to blitz Hercules at blinding speeds, what can the latter do against it? Should Thor decide to teleport him from Earth, what can he do against it? If Thor decides to inundate the demigod with his weather powers such as lightning and high level winds, what can he do against it? Thor wins this with a definite majority.

Thor v. Dr. Strange

This is where plot induced stupidity comes into comics to assist Hulk and Thor, to sunder Strange. However, there are no plot induced stupidity in battle threads, only speculation, conjecture, educated evaluation, and intellectual scrutinzation. This is a battle where Thor would possibly need to let loose everything he's got in order to take the good doctor out. Zom possessed Strange has thrown the Hulk around merely with his strength alone and effortlessly too I might add, in a manner far superior than anything Hercules has done to the Hulk. It's due to this fact that I'd give Strange a superior edge in brute strength to his favor over Thors. Not only is this bad enough, Strange also possesses spells where he can take control of Thor's hammer or gets rid of it from Thor's grasp. it's a hammerless Thor v. Zom possessed Strange. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this Strange knocked Hulk around like a ragdoll whereas Hercules and Hulk were fighting on equal grounds. "But since Thor and Hercules and Hulk have done things physically that Doc Strange hasn't, what makes you think that Strange is stronger?" It's Strange. If he can fight guys like Dormammu when he's the Sorcerer Supreme, amping himself physically above Hulk and such isn't suprising. Especially since guys on par with Dormammu (Odin and Zeus) has done so very commonly with their magic. So basically, this is one battle Thor is losing since he's fighting in character. Strange takes away his hammer at the beginning because why? Because Strange isn't an idiot. He fights with his head ALL the time (Do discount plot stupidity please ^_^), he has taken control of Thor's hammer before with a spell, and with the years that he's known Thor, it's pretty obvious one can come to the conclusion that Thor fights with his hammer almost all the time. Strange can amp himself up enough to physically to knock Thor around for a while if he decides to mess around or he can transmutate Thor into a frog and so on and so forth. This is a battle where Thor will lose 100% of the time if he fights with morals on and is holding back. Usually, this is where plot induced stupidity in favour of the opposer facing Strange comes into play. One good assumption and of my own pure speculation is that Thor's hammer will somehow, use its plot powers to keep Strange at bay and give Thor a chance to take him out.


Thor v. Skrull Black Bolt

The real Black Bolt couldn't hope to defeat Thor anyday. A scream that's no louder than Samimista on a bad day would be able to hurt Thor? Tell that to the sun, which produces 15.6 million Kelvin and over 380 billion billion megawatts of nuclear reactions going off and 5,000,000 tons of energy being produced in the form of Gamma Rays every second. The Sun's core also exerts an atmospheric pressure that would be 250 billion times that of Earth. That's far more than enough pressure to make someone's ears explode out of their skull ... and yet Thor stands in it like nothing and had a conversation with Amun/atum (Forgot which one it was). I highly doubt Black Bolt's voice... I'm profoundly sorry, skrull Black Bolt will come anywhere close to this. Furthermore, Thor is physically superior to the real Black Bolt and as for the Skrull Black Bolt? His scream will do nothing more to Thor than it did to the Hulk. This is a battle Thor will easily win.


Thor v. Sentry

I'd like to address that the Sentry possesses quite a handful of haters whom... well... hate him and tend to approach the former subjective when it often includes the Sentry. I've noticed it on other threads that include the Sentry in one way, shape or form. It's senseless to hate a character to the point where all you're going to do is post unprecedented scans of absurdity to simply bash the character. An example would include that of Superman choking Sentry (Incredibly out of the depiction of the character) or post scans like She Hulk "punching out" Sentry and using it out of context without posting what happened afterwards. This leads on to complete disregard to whatever users say about Sentry in such a malicious manner that I've described and will later then on, label them as biased in insinuation depicting the character. If all you are going to do is just downgrade Sentry, use that time to do something else more provocative for it is a waste of time since the user above you is possibly posting the exact same thing. Over all of Thor and Sentry's fights, Thor has always proven to be the physically superior one (Or just the better combatant). However, Sentry (Or void) hasn't been shown to trade back the blows. Bendis Sentry aka Void, has easily pushed Thor aside despite Thor's harassment and physically pushing him around, but he hasn't done any real damage until Robert allowed him to kill him. All various and important factors aside, what stops Void/Bendis Sentry from tearing Thor apart like he did to Molecule Man? IF it's Bendis Sentry aka Void, he wins effortlessly. If it's the Sentry, Thor wins after a good brawl. His hammer will absorb Sentry's energy projection; which was described to possess the power to destroy whole worlds, and redirect it a hundredfold stronger, inundate Sentry with magical attacks that are capable of injuring skyfathers nearly as potent as Odin himself, or just beat him down the old fashion way, with his hammer and some blue magical lighting effects. Thor wins if it's not Void.

Thor v. Juggernaut

If Thor fights with his head instead of his fists and o' so almighty hammer, then he will beat Juggernaut the majority of the time. Physically duking it out with the Juggernaut isn't the smartest thing anyone should do. Add in the fact that if you are in a possession of an object such as Mjolnir, it's an incredibly stupid thing to do. Sometimes Thor's arrogance blinds him. Thor is faster than Juggernaut, Thor's hammer has stripped him of his forcefield before, and Thor can remove him from the battlefield him to god knows where, pun intended. Should both these characters fight with usage of the entirety of their powers and actually used their brains rather than their oppostion of brawns, it would be a great fight that would destroy Earth in its course. Juggernuat is Stan Lee's guinea pig, written him as a dummy in testament to other characters finally having a chance to unleash their full powers upon him because it's Juggernaut and Juggernaut can take it. If Juggernaut was written with all his powers, then he's unstoppable and nothing short of a cosmic being can defeat him.

The majority goes to Thor. He simply has the means to take out Juggernaut in more ways than one.

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very nice read

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You win a cookie.

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@PunkMastaFlex: Nicely stated, PMF. Just two things, though.

1. You gotta give the FF 24 hours of prep, like they had against Hulk. You also left out Black panther and Storm.

2. Thor can't speed-blitz Hercules. But he does win, using his hammer.

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To put him on the same playing field as Hulk was he would either have to have the Odin Force, Warriors Madness, or his belt of strength. With any of the powerups I mentioned he would walk through these guys easily.

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@80sBaby said:

@PunkMastaFlex: Nicely stated, PMF. Just two things, though.

1. You gotta give the FF 24 hours of prep, like they had against Hulk. You also left out Black panther and Storm.

2. Thor can't speed-blitz Hercules. But he does win, using his hammer.

1. Ah. I also didn't put in the X-Men as well. I'll be sure to incorporate them soon ^_^

2. Speed-blitz in a manner by flying into Hercules at incredible speeds to which Hercules hasn't been proven nor shown to have been able to react to. Thor can speed-blitz Hercules if given the opportunity, but the question is if he would.

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@PunkMastaFlex: He only has vs Galactus level people

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@Pyrogram said:

@PunkMastaFlex: He only has vs Galactus level people

I'm aware. ^^ It's still a plausible option to use here as it would cause a great deal of damage, but it's unlikely that Thor would ever use it against Hercules.

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@PunkMastaFlex: Yer, he would rather go H2H or hammer in this case.

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@TheAcidSkull said:

very very nice thread, well done, well done, but you seem to disregard the hulk and make him out to be some PIS filled brick sometimes.

but still very very nice thread ^__^

Haha I do profoundly apologize for that as it is not of my intent.

And thank you mate! ^_^

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@TheAcidSkull said:

@PunkMastaFlex: lol i do that sometimes to :P, we all do it sometimes right?

i also like your other blog, on the Whole hulk vs thor thing , and though i disagree ( i iz a major hulk fan boy XD) , i really like that you argumented your opinion in the best way possible ^__^


Why thank you mate. ^^ It was so long ago that I'm actually embarrassed about it now. I've to revamp it as soon as possible once I'm motivated to do so.

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I dont think hercules has the edge over thor hand to hand.... i have again all of their confrontations and thor has dealt with hercules hand to hand issues spaanning back to the 70s...

aside from that dumb issue couple of years back when thor and herc were having a drunken brawl and he had thor in a headlock and thor used lightenin ... bad writing made thor admit hercules has the edge in H2h,

but from what i hve real all their confrontations... i dont see herc having the upper hand in a brawl at all

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Interesting blog. Well thought out. Sentry was just a horrible creation. Instead of creating a blonde-haired, supremely powerful godlike creature to battle the World War Hulk, they already had a blonde-haired, incredibly powerful god in Thor to do that. I never understood why Marvel let Thor "die" for three years. But, then again, at least Thor wasn't tarnished by the goofy "Civil War" event that has spawned the event-driven continuity changed at the whim of whomever scripting said event (well if we're not counting the Stark clone of Thor).

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Beats them all.

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