Thor #18 (Spoilers)

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So who is that on the last page reveal? I've read all of JMS run on Thor, and I believe that it's Female Loki, but how is that possible? Or am I just wrong altogether?

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Do you mean #19. If so that would be Leah, Hela's handmaiden. Literaly when Hela had her hand cut off in Siege aftermath Leah came into existence and was a supporting charachter in Journey into Mystery. It being her is also confusing since in the last JIM arc she faded into non-existence after Hela was healed when she drank from the Holy Grail. This apperance and apparent motivation for her in issue 19 doesn't match up with her last appearance- hope it gets explained.

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@Danvidar: Yes, sorry #19! I've only started reading JIM because of the crossover. Thanks for clearing that up for me :)

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