Favorite Thor (in order)

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Beta ray bill

The chick Thor


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Andferne says:

" />http://img340.imageshack.us/img340/5418/134535thor400zy5.jpg"

are you saying you like clone thor No. 1?

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No definatly not. Didn't realize that was actually a pic of the clor in his gallery when I copy pasted to post here.

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lordraiden says:

"Andferne says:
are" />http://img340.imageshack.us/img340/5418/134535thor400zy5.jpg"
are you saying you like clone thor No. 1?"

I would put clor under Thor 2099 actually

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Beta Ray Thor


Thor Girl

Ultimate Thor

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Thor (616) 
Ultimate Thor 
Red Thor (Red Norvell) 
I don't like Beta Ray Bill or Thor Girl (though I do like Tarene/Designate) 
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current thor

classic thor

rune king thor

warrior madness thor

avengers THOR

thor 1 thor

donald blake

ultimate thor

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1) Rune King Thor

2) King Thor

3) J Michael Stracynski's Thor.

4) Classic Thor

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No Caption Provided
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1.Thor the Mighty Avenger

2. Current Thor

3. Classic Thor

4. Rune King Thor

5. Movie Chris Hemsworth Thor

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  1. Odin Force Thor
  2. Classic Thor
  3. Current Thor
  4. King Thor
  5. Rune King Thor
  6. Ultimate Thor
  7. Earth's Mightiest Heroes Thor
  8. Movie Thor
  9. Beta Ray Bill
  10. Thunderstrike
  11. Thor Girl
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  1. Thor
  2. Thor Girl
  3. Beta Ray BIll

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