Does Odinson have powers (Not as Thor)

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I'm not much of a Thor reader and I was having a discussion with some friends earlier. and we were arguing whether Odinson is just a normal person. Or he is like Thor but without Mjolner.

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@kojax: Thor Odinson as he is currently written has all of his powers that he usually does with Mjölnir except flight. His weather manipulation, strength, durability, etc etc

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@kojax: Idk who's arguing that Thor is a regular man without Mjolnir unless they mean Donald Blake but Thor without the hammer is still Thor he still has all his physical stats as he was born with them he can still manipulate the weather and use lightning. Mjolnir grants him flight and better control over the weather etc it has other powers aswell but Thor's main powerset he has anyways, Mjolnir also gives him really high striking power. He tends to use lightning more when he has mjolnir though, but he has almost always had it only recently we see him without it all the time.

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@kojax said:

I'm not much of a Thor reader and I was having a discussion with some friends earlier. and we were arguing whether Odinson is just a normal person. Or he is like Thor but without Mjolner.

Thor Odinson is a half-elder God, half-Asgardian God, his powers have absolutely nothing to do with Mjolnir. The idea that that his powers ever transferred with the hammer was supposed to have been reconnected when Donald Blake ceased to exist. However for the publicity stunt they brought back the notion that Thor's powers are in the hammer as well. When in truth it was originally just part of the Odinforce which was used to power the hammer, the new retcon has something to do with the power of the mother storm, however that still wouldn't explain why having the hammer that contains the mother of storms would someone how transfer the godly powers of who was at the time a quite arrogant little warmongering brat. Strength, Durability, earth and weather manipulation come from Thor. When channelied through Mjolnir they became more powerful and having access to the odinfroce through Mjolnir allowed thor to use incredibly powerful attacks like the Godblast.

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The problem with this question is that NO MATTER what Marvel or Aaron says, Thor is THOR!!!! So, YES! He has all of his birth powers. She really shouldnt have any of his powers except that Odin conveniently sealed a "Mother Storm" in Mjolnir who grants her the weather powers so she can leech an existence from being similar to Thor. Disgusting parasite!

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Thor has all of his superhuman stats with or without the hammer, as simple as that.

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It's quite annoying that Thor apparently doesn't have flight in Arron's arc. At the very least he should be capable of flying like Storm.

To answer your question, yes Thor should have all of his powers without his hammer. The only one that is currently missing is flight, and his strength may be weaker (a concept which is ridiculous).

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yes.. his powers are innate. except the opening of portals and flying(been retconned or forgotten)

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