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My original thread is lost, so I'm remaking it. The source for all this information is here.

1)SPATIAL POWERS: A) Ability to materialized anywhere across the known Marvel Universe (Fantastic Four-#339, Thor-#165). B) Ability to create Dimensional portals or Rifts (Thor Annual#16, Avengers#309). Also, able to send an entire population to LIMBO for their own protection (Thor#192). C) In addition, Thor’s hammer has the capability to send just about ANY SENTIENT BEING to just about any other LOCATION in the known Universe-Avengers-#180 vs. the Monolith, or DIMENSIONS (the Fourth, the Fifth, the Sixth, or even the Seventh Dimension- it doesn’t matter) See- Avengers-#9, and Avengers-#16(vol.1), or even an ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE-Avengers-#7 (vol.1). Specifically, Thor doesn’t necessarily need to create a vortex to remove any immediate threat- See-Thor-# 279 vs. Ulik, Thor-#173, and Thor-#425 where a blast by Thor’s hammer ripped wide the fabric of the Universe itself and sent Surtur and Yimir to the Death Dimension. Thus, Thor can literally send anything, or anyone to the other side of the Galaxy thousands of light years away with just a mere magic bolt fired at his enemy. One of the GREATEST EXAMPLE of Thor’s Spatial capability occurred in Thor-#242, when Horus, Osiris, and Isis Giant Pyramid destroyed a significant portion of the Orange Groves (Trees) of San Diego, California when it sprouted from beneath the Earth in their search of Odin. All of then were all fully restored along with the vanishing of the great Pyramid by a vortex created by Thor’s MAGICAL hammer-as if the destruction that took place there never happened. Now, that’s power!!!! Another great example of Thor’s Spatial capability occurred when the hammer passed right through Kang’s Force Field and struck him as if the Force-Field was not present at all-See Avengers-Annual-#21. Kang was near death by the blow from Thor’s hammer. Therefore, characters like Magneto, Graviton, or even the Molecule Man are not, in fact, EXACTLY safe inside their Force-Field. In addition, Thor can call his hammer from even deep space; distance doesn’t seem to be an obstacle- Avengers-#19.

2) TRANSMUTATION OF ELEMENTS: Thor transmuted the Absorbing Man's wood and iron body to helium (a gas). See Journey Into Mystery #115. Emphatically, in this issue, Thor explicitly said that, "I have the power to transmute the Elements themselves".

3) THERMOBLAST: The ability to produce a Planet shaking Thermo-Blast capable of decimating an entire Planet (Ego). See Thor#133.

4) BARRIERS: Thor's hammer can produce barriers a la the Invisible Women (see Thor#181, and Thor#395). In Thor-#181 not even EXTREMELY innovative Earth weapon’s blasts could make even a dent on Thor’s Force-Field that surrounded the U.N. In addition, Thor said that his hammer could surely have contained Stellaris Cosmic Flash that would have consumed the entire Planet Earth-See Thor-#421. However, if you think that’s something, Thor once created an indestructible Mystical Vortex that CONTAINED the explosion of a Life-Bomb that would have destroyed a Fifth of the Marvel Universe-AVENGERS-ANNUAL-#16. If that’s the case, then Thor did managed to save literally millions of Galaxies, as a result.

5) POWER TO ABSORB: A) Thor's hammer can absorb limitless amount of energy. For instance, Thor's hammer absorbed the energy of a Null Bomb that was capable of destroying an entire Galaxy and turn it to Cosmic energy and Re-Ignite a Dead Sun (a Galaxy may contain 200 billion to 400 billions Solar Systems-depending on their relative size). B) In Avengers-#171, from a DISTANCE, Thor absorbed Ultron’s entire energy source with just a single blast from his hammer. C) Thor's hammer can, also, absorb other significant sources of energy including: Cosmic (Silver Surfer-#4), also, when Thor completely absorbed Sky-Walker’s Cosmic raging Tempest into his hammer-Thor-#305. Also, Radioactive energy (Avengers-#304), Magnetism (Thor#-387) where Thor absorbed a portion of the Planet of Pangoria’s Magnetic energy, and Magneto’s Personal Magnetic Field-JIM-#109; and Mystical- specifically, when he absorbed a significant mystical portion of EVERY Earth’s PANTHEON (Thor#301), and Pluto’s Deadly (mystical) Fire-Flame-#Thor-#223. In addition, Thor can absorb Magic from a DISTANCE-Avengers-#276. D) It’s important to, also, point out that Thor’s hammer can absorbed many of these particular sources of energy, and RETURN IT back to the originator; sometimes amplify many times over.

Note: It's really no wonder at all that Thor absorbed the Electromagnetic energies of the Celestial Mother-ship with such ease- see Thor#288.

6) LIFE-FORCE, OR GOD-FORCE: Thor's immortal life force could be more powerful than the mystical properties of his hammer; that when combined with the power of his hammer can release incredible amounts of energy- Thor#388. Galactus tasted defeat when Thor used the Life Force on him- see Thor#161. Thor’s Life-Force, or God-Force, also destroyed the Brain Dome of the 20,000ft. Tall Celestial Exitar; which should be many times more durable than Adamantiun considering their thousands, if not, millions of years of technology ahead of the human race. Also, the Destroyer using ALL OF HIS POWERS at his command could not destroy Thor’s Life-Force- See Thor-#381.

7) REVERSE ENERGY: A) Thor’s hammer can reverse energy polarities (Avengers#70 vs. Hyperion- when Thor reverse the Atomic process that gave Hyperion his powers, and reduced him to the size of an Ant. B) Thor Annual#16 (Beta Ray Bill vs. Ego) In this instance, BRB was in the verge of drawing out all of Ego’s Magnetic Polarities to outer space, and Ego happens to be an entire Planet. C) Thor reversed the Enchanter’s Magic that initially transformed humans to Monsters-Thor-#18. In addition, Thor's hammer can reverse a Psychic attack- see Thor #428.

8) INCREASE THE POWER OF LIGHTNING, AND OTHERS: Thor can increase the lightning effectiveness TEN THOUSAND FOLDS!!!!-See Thor-#421; or perhaps more, and increase and magnify just about any OTHER type of energy source several times over-see THOR-#22 vs. Thanos, and Avengers-#8 (vol.1) vs. Kang. An excellent example would be when Thor defeated Prime by increasing single lightning bolt a hundred folds, and proceeded by blast him with it (Remember that just a single lightning bolt is equivalent to 15,000,000 volts of electricity and could travel 100 million feet a second). However, the MOST devastating lightning attack ever conceived by Thor is one that involves the "PUREST OF LIGHTNING". In other words, a bolt of "Purest of Lightning"; which is a Magical bolt that emanates FROM THOR’S HAMMER- creates a chain reaction of pure energy causing the ground SURROUNDING the blast to ERUPT like a living VOLCANO; thus, producing a Giant Crater along with a Holocaust of White-Hot Lava. Thor-#156. Thor had to escape not only by running, but FLYING out of the ensuing danger or else he would had, most certainly, forfeit his life. How did the Silver Age Mangog survive, or was not seriously injured, by a DIRECT-HIT of this bolt is beyond me. If some fans were highly impressed by DC’s Captain Marvel effective lightning attack on Superman, what in the world would they think about a lightning bolt such as that one created by Thor against the Mangog? Not even ashes would remain of Superman if Thor would strike at him directly with such a bolt of pure energy, and, to be perfectly honest, Thor doesn’t really need that much firepower to blast, for instance, anything including a Ship to Atoms-See-Avengers-#82 (vol.1). And, finally, Thor can effectively direct multiple lightning strikes as he once did against several Celestials at the same time-Thor-#300.

9) SPY: Thor could spy on people like a closed circuit TV. From same dimension, or another without being noticed- see Thor#278. With such power you could find just about any criminals, serial killers, terrorist, etc. with relatively ease.

10) SPEED: A) Thor could throw the hammer at the speed of light. See Thor#140, Thor#274; and, or can swing the hammer at TWICE the speed of light- Journey Into Mystery#102. B) In Thor -#393- it’s established that the speed of Thor’s hammer TRANSCENDS both TIME & SPACE. C) Also, Thor could appear anywhere across the Universe or other dimensions in just seconds (see- FF#339, and Thor#166). D) In addition, Thor could, visually, detect objects that move at fantastic speeds (this happen when Thor was the target of artillery fire- see Invaders#33- and Avengers-#281- when he saw the speedy Hermes). E) In the early issues of Journey Into Mystery, there were instances that Thor used Super-Human speed, physically speaking-that is. However, it’s impossible to measure his speed based on those depictions. However, in Marvel Team-up#26, it gives a slight more accurate description on Thor’s Super-Human speed, and you could make a similar case in Invaders-#33, where Thor (with his hammer) deflected artillery bullets fired at him by moving his ENITRE LEFT ARM at super-Human speed. Specifically, in Marvel Team Up-#26, the writer makes it fundamentally clear that Thor can move almost faster than mere MORTAL eyes can follow, and in Thor-#354, Thor was toying with Hela using speed that according to her was beyond comprehension. Thor stated that he was swift as the very lightning itself. G) Finally, the High Evolutionary using Thor’s DNA, did create a real Super-Speedster in Zefra. Question is, does Thor possess similar potential to that of Zefra due to his own unique DNA? After all, Thor’s DNA is quite different than that of mortals- Avengers-#14 (vol.1)- that’s for the writers to decide in some future date, I guess.

Note: There’s been much debate by fans all-over regarding the difficulty that Mongoose presents on Thor due to his great speed. However, there shouldn’t be any debate concerning any threat that Mongoose can pose on Thor, since it’s firmly established that: 1) Thor can see objects, or beings moving at fantastic speeds, and 2) Thor can react even faster to defend himself against these specific threats. If artillery bullets can go from anywhere from 600 ft. per second to more than 5,000 ft. a second, why would anyone believe that Thor would be in trouble against someone like Mongoose, who could never be hope to attain such speed? Thor said, as the speed of his hammer physically deflected Mongoose, "My mystic mallet can attain velocities which are BEYOND your ability to grasp!" In other words, let us assume that a Marvel character like Gladiator, who can’t possibly defeat Thor from a distance, decides to use super-speed on him, he might just as well be committing suicide- considering how dangerously powerful Thor’s hammer truly is, plus the hammer could reach velocity that exceeds well-above the speed of light. The Kinetic effect would be UTTERLY devastating. Picture an object that weights practically thousands of tons (The Hulk couldn’t even budge the hammer when he tried to lifted using the Full strength of both his arms, and the people of Pangoria’s mightiest Cranes couldn’t budge it either) whirling at fantastic speed and striking someone, or something coming at incredible speed as well; to put it simply (considering the latter), whatever the hammer hits, it DESTROYS.

Also, I believe that Marvel should re-consider that non-living things, such as Androids, or Mechanical-Man shouldn’t be able to lift Thor’s hammer, due to the simple fact that they could use the hammer to kill innocent beings. Remember, what makes Thor’s hammer so indestructible is not so much the extreme molecular density of the Uru (a Magical Metallic Substance), but the enchantments placed in it by Odin. Air-Walker (an Android) almost literally killed Thor with his own hammer-Thor-#305). Think what might happen if an Android gone mad would use the hammer on ordinary beings. Plus, the fact that not even Androids could lift Thor’s hammer would definitely make the hammer even more precious and mysterious.

11) INVULNERABILITY: The following are historical examples of incredibly devastating forces that has been used against Thor. Thor has survived each of these highly Lethal attacks, and most of the time have come out unscathed. A) Thor has been on the receiving end of Zeus and Blitziana's LIGHTNING bolts. B) Thor withstood a barrage of ARTILLARY fire with ease, and a Heat Seeking Missile- see Thor#480, and Thor-#247; C) and in the J. Kirby's days Thor used to test his invulnerability by having a Cobalt Bomb explode next to him. D) Kang’s Dissolution blast to the EXTREME did not fell Thor-Avengers-#143, and in Avengers-#295 Mechanosaurus struck Thor with a Megahertz Artillery fire that would easily destroy any vehicle to pieces- with no visible effect on Thor (Note: even bullets from a powerful sub-machine gun can’t hope to accomplish the same amount of penetration or destruction that could a Megahertz artillery attack by Mechnanosaurus). In Avengers-#5-pg 20- it explicitly stated that nothing, not even an ATOMIC BLAST could injure Thor, or his hammer. E) Thor resisted the full power of the Man from Saturn’s Graviton ray-Thor-#255. F) Thor withstood the Thermal Man's HEAT blast that could melt Tanks instantly, also, Thor was insensitive to the Lava Man's attack- see Avengers #5. In addition, Thor withstood a direct hit by Firelord’s Cosmic Flame with absolutely no dire visible effect on him- Thor-#306, and Ghost Rider’s Flame proved to be totally ineffectual against Thor, as well- Avengers-#214, and when the Planet Ego raised his internal heat temperature to the EXTREME, it had no affect on Thor-See Thor-#133. G) Thor was unaffected by an Alien Freeze Ray-Avengers-#14 (vol.1). H) In terms of indescribable sheer Magical, and Cosmic power, for instance, Thor was just temporarily stunned by Ego’s pulsating energy attack that would, physically, have rendered AN ENTIRE RACE UNCOUNSCIOUS- Thor-#133. In addition, Thor withstood blast by Odin-Thor-#241, by the Celestials-Thor-#300, and by a space Armada-Avengers-Annual#7. However, the three most impressive testimony events that showed Thor's invulnerability, however, was when he, almost, took a direct hit by a Doomsday Bomb that was capable of destroying an entire planet, and soon after that explosion Thor felt from space to a planet called Pangoria-see Thor#387. Also, Thor resisted the weight of Multitude of Planets-Thor Annual-#9, and the Gravity of a Neutron Star-Thor-#282. The other event took place when Thor paid an uninvited visit to ATUM in the Sun's core. If you think that this wasn’t enough, Thor has survive incredible physical punishment by the likes of the Destroyer, Durok, the Mangog, Surtur- Thor-#351, by the Devourer-Marvel Two In One-#23, The Thermal Man, Terminus, the 300,000 ft. tall Rhun god when he swatted Thor aside-Thor#220, and the Celestial- The One Above All- when he not only swatted Thor aside, but did hurled at him unnumbered tons of delicate machinery at him with no significant adverse effect on Thor-See Thor-#288.

12) ELEMENTAL POWERS: That can transcend to other dimensions, and or space and time (see-Thor#188). No other Superhero in the Multiverse has that scope of elemental powers. In addition, Thor’s hammer can tap, practically, on just about any Elemental Phenomenon in the Cosmos, like, for example, the limitless energy of a Maelstrom and used that energy as a Cosmic weapon. A Celestial Maelstrom can literally drag large Meteors, or Asteroids around at Fantastic Speed-Thor-#261. The power of a Hurricane is next to nothing compare to the devastating power of a Celestial Maelstrom. Also, Thor’s power can create Thunderstorm, Tidal Waves, and exploding Volcanoes on a Planetary scale-Journey Into Mystery-#94. In fact, if, somehow, Thor’s hammer is unmade the consequences are unthinkable and cataclysmic: Not only Erupting Volcano’s worldwide, Tidal Waves would immediately ensue, but Impact of Celestial bodies, as well- Avengers-#330. Also, Thor can use the power of the storm at a moment’s notice. For instance, Thor used a spear of wind, or an indescribable powerful tornado, that he literally pushed against Surtur, that cause Surtur to say: "NEVER HAVE I FELT SUCH FORCE!" And, in that same issue, Thor used the power of the Storm to divert an Asteroid from it’s course and hurl it against Surtur-Thor-#177. In addition, Thor’s power over the Storm can create enough suction to whisk famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower into the Atmosphere-JIM-#94.

13) TRANSMIGRATION OF SOULS: Thor's hammer has the ability to transmigrate souls- see Thor#363.

14) HEALING FACTOR: Thor's hammer can speed up healing (Thor#155).

15) ERASE MEMORY: Thor's hammer can, in effect, erase memory (Invaders#33).

16) SLEEP: Thor's hammer can really put you to sleep (Thor#372).

17) A DETECTOR, OR THOR’S HAMMER ABILITY TO TRACK: Thor's hammer can detect where evil is a foot (Thor#417); or can track anyone who doesn't want to be found (Avengers#14). In addition, Thor’s hammer can track practically all kinds of energy signature-Thor Corps-#1, Avengers-#309, and Strange Tales-#182. In addition, something that is called ELECTRONS FREE FLOWING enables Thor's hammer to detect any Asgardian's Aura by their electron's discharge- See Journey Into MYstery#104.

18) HEARING: Thor can, Mystically, hear when someone is calling his name-Thor-#342 (distance doesn’t seem to be an obstacle). Thor was presently in Manhattan, when an old Viking was calling Thor from the Continent of Antarctica.

19) VITALITY: Thor’s hammer can increase VITALITY to any being that finds himself in a significant weak state. I guess Viagra, and Ginseng would have to take a serious back seat to Thor’s hammer in this case-See Thor-#343.

20) COSMIC ENERGY: Thor's hammer can produce Cosmic Energy (Avengers#5).

21) SOLAR FLARES: Thor's hammer can produce Solar Flares; which is about twice the temperature of the Sun.

22) ANTI-MATTER PARTICLES: Thor's hammer can manufacture Anti-Matter particles. These particles could potentially erase anyone, or anything from existence. It’s little wonder why Kang’s Anti-Matter Screen that’s capable of instantly disintegrating any Earthly matter did not affected Thor’s hammer in the least-See Avengers-#8 (vol.1).

23) ALPHA PARTICLES: Thor’s hammer can harness Alpha Particles from the atmosphere and could use it to Atomize any weaponry, JIM-#102.

24) INTERDIMENSIONAL ENERGY: Thor’s hammer can tap or attract quantities of Interdimensional Matrix energy (In this case, Matrix meaning from the main or principal source). This is certainly an extraordinary significant power and ability-Thor-#395.

25) INVISIBILITY AND INTANGIBILITY: In order to protect the Black Knight, Thor created a vortex surrounding the Black Knight that was completely Invisible and Intangible to all eyes except Thor’s-Avengers-#300. Also, in a quarrel against the Vision, Thor used his hammer to completely disrupt the Vision while he was in a Intangible state, thus rendering the Vision senseless-Avengers Annual-#8. In addition, check LS list below on Thor-#428 regarding Phasing.

26) CROWD MANIPULATION: Thor’s hammer can put literally an entire crowd in a trance, or totally under his control by using the Sun’s rays-Thor-#102. The head of Thor’s hammer lights up like a mini-Sun.

27) MAGNETISM: Thor can attract or magnetize Mechanical constructs into the ground, such as Flying Vehicles, Giant robots (JIM-#101,102), and even sentient beings like Loki. Thor attracted him when he was about to jump from a cliff-Avengers-#no.1. In addition, Thor’s hammer can create a MAGNETIC FIELD (a la Magneto) that enabled him to temporarily transport himself, Captain America, Sersi, Jarvis and Spiderman to a pre-determine destination-Avengers-#315. This makes quite a lot of sense since Thor’s power over Magnetism has been well documented since the creation of his character in the early 60’s.


28) ANTI-GRAVITY: (SOMETIMES, MISTAKENLY CALLED ANTI-FORCE): A power that can literally Physically incapacitates his opponent, and sent then where they came from. Thor did this to the Super-Skrull when he sent him from Earth to his space ship in Earth's orbit. The Super-Skrull said, "I AM HELPLESS—caught in the grip of a FORCE I cannot begin to comprehend!" This power is similar to that of Graviton. Another such example occurred when Beta Ray Bill-Thor- #440- repelled the Giant Uroc upward against gravity to the surprise of both Dargo and Thundestrike.

29) ANTI-FORCE: The full power of the Anti-Force is so unbelievably powerful and the fury of such blast is so indescribable that Thor, with just one blast, once took out an entire Battalion of Barbarians along with Boulders, and a Giant Tank that was literally ripped to shreds against that devastating onslaught-Thor-#205. In terms of range, Thor’s Anti-Force could cover a wide area. In Thor-#207, Thor was trapped by Giant Boulders, and with just one Power-Blast the Giant Boulders were torn to pieces. Against Ego, Thor destroyed an entire Building thrown at Thor at close range with another Power-Blast-Thor-#203.

30) MIND RESISTANCE: Thor resisted the Mind-Thrust Of the Colonizer, the Mind Blast of the Super-Beast- THOR-#135, and resisted a Mind-Storm Blast that the Beast, Iron Man, and most especially Moondragon could not-Avengers-#138.

31) NETHERWORLD POWER: or power from the dark dimensions (Thor#101). Check on Ghost Rider unique Supernatural abilities.

32) ESSENCE OF LIGHT: Thor’s hammer infused the Demon Darkoth with the Essence of Light to counteract Mephisto’s Essence of Evil. Thus, turning the Demon away from Mephisto’s Evil control- Thor-#325.

33) STAMINA AND DURABILITY: Thor could endure a prolonged battle for a period of months without pause, or respite against Zeus (Thor#Annual#8).

34) THE HAMMER ALWAYS RETURNS: No matter the distance the hammer is thrown, or what it strikes the hammer always returns to Thor.

35) ABILITY TO FLY: Thor’s hammer provides the ability for Thor to fly at such speed that he can literally become invisible-JIM-#94, and can perform complicated maneuvers like performing a Pinwheel around a Flying Trans-Atlantic Jet-JIM-#107. Thor top flying speed has been clocked at THREE TIMES the speed of LIGHT-Thor-#185. In addition, Thor can transport the Avengers by literally flying together from one area of the city to another-Avengers-#58.

36) INTELLIGENCE: Thor's former alter ego Dr. Blake was a highly intelligent, skill physician, who specialized in surgery; plus, he knows the way of this mundane world since he lived among the human race for some time. In addition, Thor is part of a superior advance alien race. This was manifested in Journey Into Mystery#95, where Dr. Blake constructed an Android that could withstand the blows of Thor's hammer; and provided this Android with, almost, unlimited intelligence. Also, in the same issue, Dr. Blake, by duress, helped a scientist with an apparatus that could duplicate anything or anybody; including Thor and his hammer. Talk about instant cloning!!! Also, we must not forget that the Asgardians had, in the past, used highly technical advance weapons against the likes of Surtur, The Mangog, Seth, etc; including, when Odin provided Thor a Star Ship for the purpose of finding Galactus in their second encounter. Furthermore, Thor knows most of Earth’s languages- Thor-#290.

37) MJOLNIR'S STRENGTH: A) Thor's hammer is capable of shattering entire Mountains- Thor-#156, pulverizing small Planetoids (see Thor#400), could shake an entire planet (see Thor#388), or even destroy an entire World- Thor-#125. With just a hard tap (with the hammer) Thor completely broke Loki's arm. Thor simply holds back against his opponent because he doesn't want to take a life- see Thor#305. However, when he decides to end someone’s existence he could do it with just a single blow-See Thor’s-#374, where he killed the Super-Strong Mutant Block-Buster with just a blow from Mjolnir. To really analyze the full strength of Thor’s hammer- in Thor#388, Thor shook the planet Pangoria without even hitting the surface of the planet (the Celestial Exitar took the hit). What this mean is: that you can drop a dozen Hydrogen Bombs in one single place, or point, and that still wouldn't shake a whole planet. B) Also, the power within the hammer can, also, destroy an entire World- Fantastic Four-#339. In fact, the full power of the hammer can radiate with the energy of a THOUSAND SUNS…enough to even destroy an Entity such as Surtur. Thor stated AFFIRMATIVELY that this incomprehensible energy gathered by his hammer would have, indeed, destroyed Surtur… the eldest, and probably the most powerful Elemental in the Marvel Universe. Only the Twighlight Sword saved Surtur from destruction-Thor-#351.

38) WARRIOR'S SKILLS: Thor is an expert at fighting in armed and unarmed combat, and should know most of his opponent vital weakness. At least this is the way it was portrayed in the first famous Marvel vs. DC crossover. He's the best warrior in Asgard. The Absorbing Man, when he acquire Thor's powers and could not defeat him, he said: "It ain't fair!!!" "What's good my strength, my power if I can't land a blow?", "I didn't know it was gonna be like this!!!" The very same thing happened to Warlock, to the Juggernaut (when Thor took his invulnerable force field), Mr. Hyde (Thor#106), also, Pluto and Ares (the god of war) when Thor really cut loose in Blood And Thunder. In addition, Thor outclassed in the strength department, defeated Ares who triple his strength-Thor-#223, and had Ulik on the ropes irrespective of the fact that Ulik augmented his strength several times over, defeated the Android Zotarr-Thor-#238, but the most impressive victory of all was when Thor defeated Grog the god crusher without his powers, super-strength, and being a mortal-Thor-#397. To put it simply, Thor’s skills are simply phenomenal. However, the best testimony of Thor’s power and skills came from the mouth of none other than Captain America. In Thor-#390, Captain America said when he lifted Thor’s hammer, "I’ve never wielded such LIMITLESS POWER before!" "It’s almost intoxicating!" In Avengers-#4 (vol.1), Captain America said, "Thor’s hammer!" "It’s the most AWESOME weapon I’ve ever seem!" Finally, in Avengers-Annual-#18, Captain America stated this about Thor’s skills, "He is an expert combatant, having been trained for hundreds of years in the art of war." "His understanding of tactics and strategies ENCOMPASSES the teaching of cultures over several centuries."

39) SUPER-STRENGTH: Thor is the strongest pound for pound Superhero in the Marvel Universe. It's true that the Hulk is just as strong as Thor, but he probably weights twice as much. There’re many unparallel feats of Thor’s strength that should be worth mentioning. For instance, A) In Thor-#94- with just a slight pressure from Thor’s little finger he toppled leaning Tower of Pisa; B) in Thor-#95, Thor easily ripped apart the door of a special constructed safe that could resist a Ton (2,000 lbs.) of TNT; C) Thor sculpted a hammer from an Alien Tank by compressing together Tons of the Armor plating-Thor-#281, and tossed a Giant Alien Tank a significant distance as if were just a simple toy-Avengers-#219; D) Thor towed away a broken Jetliner full of passengers by flying it out of the Celestial stronghold in South America-Thor-#284. E) Thor, with his enormous strength, broke through wrap-around cables made of an alloy of Adamantiun-Thor-#309. F) Thor lifted and balanced a 40 plus story Building along with Cranes on top of the Building-Thor-#391; G) Thor towed the Entire Avengers Hydrobase-Avengers-#301, H) Thor with his strength closed a fissure that he created in the Planets crust, and then he proceeded by sealing Loki in it under millions Tons of Earth with the might of his limb-Avengers West Coast-#55; I) Thor sent an Alien with such physical force that he went literally flying through Earth’s Orbit and straight outside our Solar System-JIM-#90; J) Thor lifted the Midgard Serpent which girds the entire Earth and holds the Ocean in place-Thor-#272.

40) IMMORTALITY: Thor is an immortal-Nuff said.

Others: There are others powers Thor’s hammer has displayed over the years like, for instance, IMPLODING a STARGATE- Thor-#445 (no more SG-1, guys!!!), or creating a Magical Vortex that tightens when the enemy struggle’s away-Thor-#223. In fact, Thor, at one point, used to have the power of TIME, but, mysteriously (and for no reasons, whatsoever) Marvel decided to take that power away from Thor. Also, Thor has, voluntarily, denied himself of OTHER powers- see Annual#15. We might never know what these powers are. But, I guess this has to do with humility. After all, didn't Odin turn Thor to a mortal for that same purpose? And hasn't Thor stated to The Avengers during that Orka issue-Avengers-#149- that he wasn't using his full powers all the time? I guess that's, probably, the real reason Thor denied himself some of these powers. In conclusion, Thor’s full potential might never be known. In fact, in Thor-Annual-#11, Odin said to O’Gea the Earth goddess, “I seek an heir whose powers surpasses Asgard.” Thor being the son of a Sky-Father and the Earth goddess is much more than any Asgardian, and, therefore, his Life-Force must be, indeed, unbelievably powerful.

Some of Thor's feats:

Journey Into Mystery #86-Uses his breath to cause hurricane force winds.

Survives a cobalt bomb.

JIM 90-Throws an alien with enough force that he's sent flying from Earth to outside our solar system.

JIM 92-Uses his fingers to gouge a Uru hammer out of a boulder of pure Uru.

JIM 94-Thor flys so fast that he's invisible.

Crushes Uru shackles to dust.

Causes earthquakes by striking the ground with lightning.

JIM 115-Molecularly changes the Absorbing Man from one element to another with Mjolnir.

JIM 131-Breaks the mind thrust (control) of the Rigelian Colonizers.

Thor 185-Flies three times the speed of light.

Thor 205-Thor defeats the hosts of Hel.

Thor 222-Defeats Ares who's strength had been tripled to 210 tons.

Thor 242-Teleports the pyramid of Egypt with Mjolnir.

Thor 272 & 379-Thor lifts one leg of the Midgard Serpent.

Thor 281-Resists the gravity of a Neutron Star.

Thor 300-lifts and throws the Odinsword (weighing at least 50,000 tons)

Thor 324 & 416-Falls 500 feet and survives without any injury.

Thor 327-Pulls the Midgard Serpent off of Midgard with a fishing pole.

Thor 387-Survives a bomb blast that destroys a planet.

Thor 388-(With Belt of Strength and Iron gauntlets) Hits the Celestial Exitar with Mjolnir with enough force that it reduces nearby mountians to rubble and tears open a hole in Exitar's body.

Thor uses his Godforce blast to crack open Exitar's brain dome.

Thor 391-Holds up a skyscraper while dizzy from inhaling gas.

Thor 400-Creates a whirlwind so big and powerful that it knocks out Surtur.

Thor 407-Uses Mjolnir to absorb the energy of a Rigellian "Null Bomb" capable of destroying a galaxy.

Thor 414-Beats Ulik who's strength had been increased a thousandfold.

Thor 425 lifts and throws Surturs sword Twilight

Thor 428-Rearranges his molecules after being phased into the ground by Shadowcat and frees himself.

Uses his reflexes to to stop a telepathic bolt fired at him by Phoenix.

Those are just some of his awesome feats.

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omg, how did you find the time to do this????

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@samuel_larson_10 said:

omg, how did you find the time to do this????

I didn't do this.

There's a link I posted in the OP

@NerdsFTW said:

My original thread is lost, so I'm remaking it. The source for all this information is here.

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@jeanroygrant: Thanks.

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@NerdsFTW said:

@jeanroygrant: Thanks.


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Here it is explained that Thor's powers are "magically" based:

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Since one of the guys is asking how is that they are able to breath in space and communicate, I think you will find Thor's answer appropriate here:

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