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The legend has come true! By the will of the gods, I am alive! I am invincible! I am - THOR!!! And so began the very first epic tale of Marvel's most revered hero, the mighty Thor, whose legend would grow alongside the success of Marvel comics, making him the most exciting super hero of all time! Never has Thor been more sensational than during these early tales, crafted by Marvel's greatest, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Re-live classic Norse mythology in the mighty Marvel manner as well as Stan and Jack's stories of the Norse Gods and Thor before he came to Earth as Don Blake. Witness as these masters breathe life into the thunder god and some of Marvel's most enduring characters: Helmdall, Balder, Loki, Odin and Hela. Read these stories as never before with all-new, modern coloring and a cover by current THOR artist Olivier Coipel. Collecting THOR: TALES OF ASGARD BY STAN LEE & JACK KIRBY #1-6.

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In 1962, when Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were busy arranging the building blocks of the Marvel Universe, they knew needed a heavyweight --- a character that, all alone, could stand toe-to-toe with the the most powerful foes the universe could throw at Earth. To find their superman, they went back thousands of years, to the fables of the Norse godhood --- to the Mighty Thor!

In the pages of Journey Into Mystery, they told the monthly tales of the meek and lame Doctor Donald Blake --- who, on a tourist trip to fabled Norway, stumbled upon the means to transform himself into the Mighty Thor! Wielding the tremendous power of Mjolnir, super-heroics-heroics adventures followed --- as did charter membership in the Avengers, where Thor would befriend Iron Man and Captain America and battle the likes of the Hulk, the Sub-Mariner and Kang the Conqueror!

All that wonderfully frenetic fiction captured Thor during his time as one of Marvel's greatest heroes. But as any fan of lore knows, Thor comes from a family of immortals. So what of the time before his super heroics?? The days of yore when Thor was a young lad and Asgard was bustling with the wonders of its own creation? This was too fruitful a storytelling possibility to pass up, so Lee and Kirby instituted the five-page "Tales of Asgard" feature. No mere throwaway backup, "Tales of Asgard" was a fun part of the monthly reading experience and fleshed out crucial elements of Marvel's adaptation of its blond-locked titan. Balancing Classics Illustrated-style narratives with the pizzazz of Lee's dialogue and the panache of Kirby's layouts, "Tales of Asgard" brought the fables of Asgard to life in the super-sized scale of classic Silver Age Marvel!

Now, Marvel proudly presents these seminal tales in a super-sized deluxe hardcover, featuring newly restored artwork from the best sources available! And with fully recolored art by modern master Matt Milla, the many awesome landscapes and Kirby-drawn characters that populate Asgard have never looked better!


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