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The End of the Ancient Asgard Trilogy May Be the Best of the 3

Yet again writer Matt Fraction has given us an epic Thor story. This third in the 'Ancient Asgard' trilogy represents takes us from the mythological Thor to the beginnings of the 'origin story' of the Marvel Universe Thor as we know him. Along the way we meet Valkyrie for the first time and witness the dawn of Thor's relationship with her, and we see the Destroyer armor for the first time.

As usual, the art duties are split between two art teams, but in this issue they finally seem to interface with each other better than in the past.

The story concerns Thor's exasperation at always having to bail the Asgardian Gods out of messes they themselves create - and if you've read the two preceding volumes, Thor: Ages of Thunder and Thor: Reign of Blood, you can't really blame him. But what seems pretty hypocritical is that he at once blames the gods for their treatment of mankind, while he himself pretty much thrashes across Midgard recklessly harming innocents. Well maybe that's what Odin means in his titanic understatement that Thor 'lacks humility'.

Whether or not you consider yourself a Thor fan, you might want to check this story out - it is a quality piece of work.

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